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Staff Directory
First Name Last Namesort descending Email Phone Location Dept Staff Type Page
Shannon Ackeret 406-447-4469 STCH 105 Study Abroad Staff
Ginger Aldrich Philosophy Adjunct
Milly Allen 406-447-4346 LIBR recpt Library Staff
Christopher Allen LIBR Facilities & Grounds Staff
Travis Almquist 406-447-4352 SIMP 205F Biology Faculty Bio
Sam Alvey 406-447-4313 SIMP 215B Biology Faculty Bio
Carol Anderson 406-447-5574 GUAD 008I Wellness Center & Counseling Staff Bio
Loretta Andrews 406-447-4508 OCON 113E Campus Computing & Info Tech Employee Bio
Leslie Angel 406-447-4328 SIMP 305F Psychology Faculty Bio
Ronald Baldwin Adjunct
William Ballinger Athletics - Cross Country Coaches
Heather Barnes Music Adjunct
Kent Barnes CENG Upper Engineering Adjunct
Dana Barnicoat 406-447-4448 SIMP 315 Office of Inst Advancement Employee
Merwin Barrows 406-447-4390 STCH 026 Campus Computing & Info Tech Staff
Anne Bauer Adjunct
Thomas Baumeister Adjunct Bio
Sally Beck 406-447-4394 OCON 258 Office of Admission Staff
Margaret Belisle English Adjunct
Julie Benson-Rosston Communication Faculty Bio
Debra Bernardi 406-447-4322 SIMP 233 English Faculty Bio
Claudia Bickel 406-447-4318 STAL 205 Office of Inst Advancement Staff
Jennifer Bingham 406-447-5409 OCON 204 Staff
Jeffrey Birchell 406-447-5473 PECT Sp Med Athletics Staff
Sarah Birnel Athletics Staff
Walter Biskupiak 406-447-5521 FACI 101 Facilities & Grounds Staff Bio
Eleanor Blitzer 406-447-5176 SIMP 205D Biology Adjunct
Winprism Bookstore Employee
Jaime Borrego 406-447-5427 OCON 255 Financial Aid Office Staff
Maureen Boyle 406-447-4487 PECT 103A Athletics Staff
Jacqueline Brehe Faculty
Maria Brosnan 406-447-4958 SIMP 405 Nursing Faculty Bio
Kari Brustkern 406-447-5422 OCON 203 Business Office Staff
Gregory Bryce Engineering Adjunct
Stephanie Burkholder 406-447-5492 SIMP 407 Nursing Faculty Bio
Daniel Byrd 406-447-4449 OCON 201 Business Office Staff
Eve Byron Communication Adjunct
Candace Cain 406-447-4388 STAL 201 Office of Inst Advancement Staff Bio
Robert Calkins 406-447-5468 OCON 113A Campus Computing & Info Tech Employee
Erica Campeau Mathematics Adjunct
Lauren Cano CUBE 133 Bookstore Staff
Chad Carlson Faculty Bio
Jamie Carlson 406-447-5177 OCON 240B Registrar Staff Bio
Nathaniel Carlson PE Center Staff
Keith Carparelli 406-447-5430 OCON 201 Business Office Staff
Daniel Case 406-447-4503 LIBR 232 Campus Computing & Info Tech Employee
Deidre Casey 406-447-4338 STCH 133D Campus Ministry Staff Bio
Dane Cash 406-447-4372 STCH 007 History Faculty Bio
Robert Cassidy Faculty Bio
Nathalie Caulliez 406-447-4363 BORR 143 French Faculty Bio
Wren Cheatum 406-447-4411 SIMP 318 Chemistry Adjunct Bio
Lori Chovanak Nursing Faculty
John Christenson Biology Adjunct
Patricia Christian 406-447-4523 SIMP 404A Sociology Adjunct
Elizabeth Chute 406-447-1996 STCH 010 Sociology Faculty Bio
Willis Clark Facilities & Grounds Staff
Harry Clark 406-447-4486 STAD MEZZ Athletics Staff
Ellen Clifton Staff
Kelly Cline 406-447-4451 BORR 140 Mathematics Faculty Bio
Carl Coble 406-447-5524 PECT TR RM Athletics Staff
Magdalene Collins Nursing Adjunct
Suzanne Conroy Facilities & Grounds Staff
Lindy Coonen 406-447-5573 GUAD 008I Health Center Staff Bio
Virginia Cooper 406-447 4804 STCH 002 English Adjunct
Sean Courtney 406-447-4426 OCON 114 Campus Computing & Info Tech Staff
Craig Crawford Education Employee
Sarina Crews 406-447-4317 OCON 219 Office of Admission Staff
Sarina Crews 406-447-4317 OCON 219 Office of Admission Staff
Carol Culham Facilities & Grounds Staff
Christine Cunningham Athletics Staff
Carson Cunningham 406-447-4345 PECT 177 Athletics Staff
Julianne Curtis French Adjunct
Eugene Danicich 406-447-5188 CENG Engineering Faculty
Staci Dawes Health & Physical Education Adjunct
Bruce Day Health & Physical Education Adjunct
Catherine Day 406-447-5437 OCON 243 Vice President, Acad, Affairs Staff Bio
Marisa Diaz-Waian STCH 010 Philosophy Adjunct
Heather Dickerson SIMP 244 English Adjunct
Dustin Dickerson SIMP 112 Mathematics Adjunct
Byron Dike 406-447-5191 Conference Services Staff
Jill Dill 406-447-4342 LIBR 223 Library Staff
Jamie Dolan 406-447-4969 STCH 145 Sociology Faculty Bio
Kellie Dold 406-447-4321 STAL 215 Office of Inst Advancement Staff Bio
Jeremy Dose Faculty Bio
John Doubek Business Adjunct Bio
Sarah Dramstad Music Adjunct
Jane Dresback 406-447-5447 FACI 001 Facilities & Grounds Staff
Mark Driscoll Athletics Staff
Charles Driscoll 406-447-4309 CUBE 017 Art: Fine Arts Faculty Bio
Lisa Dwyer 406-447-4310 OCON 113 Campus Computing & Info Tech Staff
Christine Eckel 406-447-5410 SIMP 401 Biology Faculty Bio
Patrick Edgar Adjunct
Christina Eichler 406-447-4397 PECT 171 Athletics Staff
Robert Eisbach 406-447-3037 OCON Adm. Office of Admission Staff Bio
Bradley Elison SIMP 231 Psychology Adjunct
Nancy Emmert Health & Physical Education Adjunct
Margo Ensz 406-447-4410 STCH 120 Staff
Ralph Esposito 406-447-4302 STCH 034 Visual Arts Faculty Bio
Thomas Evans 406-447-4402 STCH 102 Staff Bio
Cindy Everts 406-447-4445 Office of Inst Advancement Staff
Kelsey Fallis 406-447-5178 STAL 203 Office of Inst Advancement Employee Bio
Jennifer Farlow 406-447-4419 GUAD 102 Community Living Staff Bio
Jodi Fasteen 406-447-4398 BORR 139 Mathematics Faculty Bio
Wesley Feist BORR 110 Career Center Staff
Laura Ferguson English Adjunct
Barry Ferst 406-447-4324 STCH 135 Philosophy Faculty Bio
Erica Feuerbacher 406-447-4403 STFR Anthrozoology Faculty Bio
Gary Fischer 406-447-4571 CENG 204 Engineering Faculty Bio
Annabelle Fitzwater STCH Fac. Facilities & Grounds Staff
Blair Fjeseth Communication Adjunct
Christine Fleury GUAD 051 Facilities & Grounds Staff
Holly Fox Communication Adjunct
Amanda Francis 406-447-5508 BORR 138 Mathematics Faculty Bio
Christian Frazza 406-447-4344 LIBR 226 Library Staff
Jeanette Fregulia 406-447-4951 STCH 001 History Faculty Bio
Christopher Fuller 406-447-4335 BORR 122 Peace and Social Justice Staff Bio
Laurie Gaffney 406-447-4413 SIMP 231 Psychology Staff
Dawn Gallinger 406-447-5179 STCH 114 Office of Inst Effectiveness Staff Bio
Wayne Gardella PECT 103C Athletics Staff
Kimberly Garrison 406-447-5489 SIMP 409 Nursing Faculty Bio
John George Employee
Kathleen Gilboy 406-447-4376 OCON 126 Education Faculty Bio
Kaycee Gillespie 406-447-4336 OCON 258 Office of Admission Staff Bio
Edward Glowienka 406-447-4325 STCH 136 Philosophy Faculty Bio
Jennifer Glowienka 406-447-4461 SIMP 205A Biology Faculty Bio
Martha Gonzalez STCH 016 Theology Adjunct Bio
Loren Graham 406-447-4359 SIMP 232 English Faculty Bio
Tomas Graman 406-447-4362 SIMP 242 Spanish Faculty
Donna Greenwood 406-447-5493 SIMP 413 Nursing Faculty Bio
Katherine Greiner 406-447-4973 STCH 042 Theology Faculty Bio
Daniel Gretch 406-447-4463 SIMP 318A Biology Faculty Bio
Ashley Griffin 406-447-5448 OCON 201 Business Office Staff
Charles Gross 406-447-5480 PECT 170 Athletics Staff Bio
Benjamin Grossmann 406-447-5512 SIMP 119 Physics Faculty
Sara Groves STCH 004 English Adjunct
Lawrence Gruba PECT PE Center Staff
Wayne Guccione Facilities & Grounds Staff
Soumitree Gupta 406-447-4399 STCH 006 English Faculty Bio
Kevin Hadduck 406-447-4504 BORR 115 Academic Resource Center Staff
Cassie Hall 406-447-4572 OCON 240 Registrar Staff Bio
Eric Hall 406-447-4327 STCH 043 Theology Faculty Bio
Ryan Hallows 406-447-5462 STCH 008 Spanish Faculty Bio
Carol Hanel 406-447-4462 SIMP 124 Engineering Staff
Alan Hansen 406-447-5401 STCH 139 Communication Faculty Bio
Bradley Hansen LIBR 223 Gifted Institute Adjunct
James Hardwick 406-447-4530 OCON 211 Staff Bio
Cynthia Harlan Nursing Adjunct
Stephen Harper 406-447-4466 BORR 127 Computer Science Faculty Bio
Nancy Harper 406-447-4370 CUBE 007 Art: Fine Arts Adjunct Bio
Michelle Harrer 406-447-2632 OCON 113C Campus Computing & Info Tech Staff
Joseph Harrington 406-447-4459 Employee
Patrick Harris 406-447-4380 CUBE 049 Student Activities Staff
Tara Harris Political Science Faculty
Ryan Hazen 406-447-5454 LIBR 231 Campus Computing & Info Tech Employee
Martin Heaton Athletics Staff
Patricia Heiser 406-447-4341 SIMP 205C Earth Science Faculty Bio
Joe Helbling 406-447-4354 OCON 127B Education Faculty Bio
Rachel Hicks Communication Adjunct
Candy Hicks 406-447-5474 STCH 026 Staff
David Highness Computer Science Adjunct
Tammie Hilton 406-447-5457 OCON 208 Staff
David Hitt 406-447-4323 FSCT 113 Chemistry Faculty Bio
James Hogan 406-447-4482 PECT 182 Athletics Adjunct
Karla Hokit 406-447-4493 LIBR 226A Library Staff
David Hokit 406-447-4460 STCH 104 Biology Faculty Bio
Robert Holmes Facilities & Grounds Staff
Michelle Holt STCH 005A English Adjunct
Maria Holzer 406-447-4305 OCON 201 Business Office Staff
McKenzie Homan Anthrozoology Staff
Nikki Honzel 406-447-4326 SIMP 305D Psychology Adjunct Bio
Ty House 406-447-5436 OCON 240A Registrar Staff Bio
Nicholas Howlett 406-447-4488 PECT 182 Athletics Adjunct
Diane Hulst 406-447-5433 Business Office Staff
Marvin Hunt Facilities & Grounds Staff
Carol Hunter Education Adjunct
Daniel Hunthausen Facilities & Grounds Staff
Elizabeth Hussey Business Adjunct Bio
Colin Irvine 406-447-4404 OCON 247 Vice President, Acad, Affairs Staff Bio
Aaron Jackson 406-447-5452 STAD MEZZ Athletics Staff
Donald Jacques STCH 010 Adjunct
Keri Jaynes SIMP 112 Mathematics Adjunct
Kerry Jensen 406-447-5502 OCON 213 Human Resources & Admin Srvs Staff
Terri John 406-447-5491 SIMP 415B Nursing Faculty Bio
Janet Johnson 406-447-4557 SIMP 412 Nursing Faculty Bio
Jeremy Johnson 406-447-5404 SIMP 238 Political Science Faculty Bio
Charlotte Jones 406-447-5402 STCH 141 Communication Faculty Bio
Steven Jones 406-447-4484 PECT 168 Athletics Staff
Pamela Jones PECT Rec. Athletics Staff
Patrick Judge 406-447-4369 CENG 203 Physics Faculty
John Juntunen 406-447-5523 FACI 102 Facilities & Grounds Staff
Alexander Kastens 406-447-5193 PECT 169 Athletics Staff
Mark Keeffe Computer Science Employee
Mary Keeffe 406-447-4570 CENG 203 Engineering Faculty Bio
Nona Keeler 406-447-4407 CUBE 034A Conference Services Staff
Brandy Keely 406-447-4550 BORR 109 Veteran's Affairs Office Staff Bio
Christina Keener Nursing Adjunct
Janine Keiper 406-447-5547 OCON 201C Business Office Staff
Tanya Kent 406-447-4577 OCON 113D Campus Computing & Info Tech Employee
Kelli Kerpa 406-447-5443 GUAD 008C Wellness Center & Counseling Staff Bio
Julie Kessler Faculty
Vicki Kirk 406-447-4315 BORR 134 Grant's Office Staff
Ryan Klingaman 406-447-4434 OCON 114B Campus Computing & Info Tech Employee
Wayne Klinkel Communication Faculty
Tara Kloker 406-447-4996 Staff
Terence Kratz 406-447-5450 LIBR 221 Library Staff
Meredith Krutar 406-447-5494 SIMP 408 Nursing Faculty Bio
Yvonne Kunz BORR 101 Adjunct
Roby Kurian 406-447-4320 FSCT 109 Chemistry Faculty Bio
Doreen Kutufam 406-447-5472 STCH 143 Communication Faculty Bio
Melissa Kwasny STCH 004 English Employee
Carlito Labarda 406-447-4393 PECT 177 Athletics Staff
Gloria Lambertz 406-447-4483 BORR 107 Health & Physical Education Faculty Bio
Peter Larsen Faculty Bio
Maria Larson 406-447-5510 OCON 244 Vice President, Acad, Affairs Staff Bio
Sarah Lawlor 406-447-5415 STCH 117 Office of Inst Advancement Staff
June Lee Music Adjunct
Marc Lenneman 406-447-4869 STCH 113B Campus Ministry Staff Bio
Michelle Lewis 406-447-5406 OCON 215 International Programs Staff Bio
Tyler Lightner Staff
John Linjanen Facilities & Grounds Staff
Antonina Lococo 406-447-4316 OCON 218 Office of Admission Staff Bio
Cheri Long 406-447-4565 STCH 111 Adjunct Bio
Bernard Lordemann SIMP Facilities & Grounds Staff
Jennifer Lowell 406-447-4306 SIMP 404A Health Sciences Faculty
Bennett MacIntyre 406-447-4374 PECT 172 Athletics Staff
Bradly Maddock 406-447-5453 CUBE ASCC 2 Student Activities Staff
Jo Ann Maffit 406-447-5442 BORR 113 Honors Scholars Program Faculty
Stephen Maly Liberal Arts Studies Adjunct
Belle Marie 406-447-5444 SIMP 338 Business Faculty Bio
Michael Marlow Adjunct
Paul Marshall Computer Science Adjunct
David Marshall 406-447-4458 SIMP 112 Computer Science Faculty Bio
Jonathan Matthews 406-447-4351 OCON 127A Education Faculty Bio
Jodi Mattson Education Adjunct
David McCanna 406-447-4332 STCH 106 Sociology Faculty Bio
Timothy McCauley Business Adjunct
Ryan McConnell 406-447-4379 Community Living Staff
Kristian McCormick 406-447-5418 CUBE Bkstr Bookstore Staff
Padraic McCracken SIMP 145 Adjunct
Melvin McFetridge 406-447-5446 SIMP 337 Business Faculty
Renee McMahon 406-447-5501 OCON 214 Human Resources & Admin Srvs Staff
Jessica McManus 406-447-5458 SIMP 305C Psychology Faculty Bio
Michael McNeilly 406 447 4308 CUBE AC. ST Art: Fine Arts Adjunct Bio
Douglas Mello 406-447-5456 PECT 103C Athletics Staff
Emmanuelle Menage 406-447-5102 BORR 144 Foreign Languages Faculty
Linda Meuret Music Adjunct
Lacey Middlestead Communication Adjunct
Crystine Miller STCH 004 English Adjunct
Lorna Milne-Motl 406 447 4804 STCH 002 English Faculty
Daniel Minor 406-447-5528 STAL 202 Office of Inst Advancement Staff Bio
Tracy Mitchell (406) 243-4400 Staff Bio
Cynthia Moore Facilities & Grounds Staff
Shari Morin-Degel Adjunct Bio
Jeffrey Morris 406-447-4361 SIMP 302 English Faculty Bio
David Morris PECT T&F Athletics Staff
Jonathan Morrison Facilities & Grounds Staff
Clinton Morrison Business Adjunct
Julia Mull 406-447-5184 SIMP 332B Business Faculty Bio
Terence Mullen 406-447-4452 SIMP 116 Engineering Faculty Bio
Miriam Naiman-Sessions Sociology Adjunct
Heather Navratil 406-447-4343 LIBR 225 Library Staff
Misti Nettleton 406-447-4381 STCH 026 Campus Computing & Info Tech Staff
Lori Newell 406-447-5429 OCON 201D Business Office Staff
Katelyn Nichols 406-447-5576 PECT Athletics Staff
Julian Nolen Psychology Adjunct
Edward Noonan +1 406 431 3750 BORR 136 Liberal Arts Studies Adjunct Bio
Hannah Nordhagen Health & Physical Education Employee
Brent Northup 406-447-5400 STCH 137 Communication Faculty Bio
Meghan O'Connell Staff
Jo O'Neill Athletics Staff
Jack Oberweiser 406-447-4450 BORR 133 Mathematics Faculty
Michael Oelrich Engineering Adjunct
Ted Olenick 406-447-4382 OCON 219 Office of Admission Employee Bio
Leslie Olsen 406-447-5424 OCON 252 Financial Aid Office Staff
Kaelynn Olsen 406-447-4386 OCON 258C Office of Admission Staff Bio
Maleen Olson Health & Physical Education Adjunct
Jillian Orth 406-447-5107 SIMP 407A Nursing Staff Bio
Stefanie Otto-Hitt 406-447-4716 SIMP 343 Biology Faculty Bio
Laura Ottoson 406-447-4538 STCH 115 Office of Inst Advancement Staff
Aaron Parrett Adjunct
Kelly Parsley 406-447-4524 SIMP 109F Health Sciences Faculty Bio
William Parsons 406-447-5403 SIMP 237 Political Science Faculty Bio
Jason Pattee Facilities & Grounds Staff
Dean Pavlakis 406-447-4395 STCH 003 History Faculty Bio
Justin Pearson Facilities & Grounds Staff
Daniel Pearson 406-447-4352 Athletics Staff
Julieta Pederson Spanish Adjunct
Steven Peek GUAD 051 Facilities & Grounds Staff
Anne Perkins 406-447-4329 STFR Faculty Bio
Lynn Petersen 406-447-4303 GUAD 033 Music Faculty Bio
Kerry Petersen 406-461-8273 FACI 002 Facilities & Grounds Staff
Lori Peterson 406-447-5432 OCON 205 Staff Bio
Roy Peterson Engineering Adjunct
Alex Pfannenstiel Athletics Staff
Caroline Pharr 406-447-4311 FSCT 210 Chemistry Faculty Bio
Erik Pratt 406-447-5405 SIMP 236 Political Science Faculty Bio
Robert Psurny 406-447-4807 GUAD 032 Music Faculty Bio
Wayne Rada PE Center Staff
Katherine Ramirez 406-447-5185 STAL 214 Office of Inst Advancement Staff Bio
KaRena Reighard 406-447-5412 OCON 202 Business Office Staff
Jesse Repay Athletics Staff
Chelsia Rice 406-447-4364 SIMP 231B English Adjunct
Karissa Rice Political Science Adjunct
Robin Richardson 406-447-4366 STAL 204 Office of Inst Advancement Staff
John Ries 406-447-4334 STCH 132 Theology Faculty Bio
Kerri Rigsby 406-447-5438 GUAD 008H Health Center Staff Bio
Janet Riis 406-447-5423 OCON 250 Financial Aid Office Staff
Alexis Rincon 406-447-4368 SIMP 235 Spanish Faculty Bio
Amber Robbins SIMP 112 Mathematics Adjunct
Seth Roby Visual Arts Adjunct
Jeff Roche BORR 113 Faculty
Gerardo Rodriguez 406-447-4387 STCH 041 Theology Faculty Bio
Laurie Rodriguez 406-447-5483 OCON 256 Office of Admission Staff Bio
Maria Rogne 406-447-5428 BORR 133 Business Office Staff
Anna Rolando GUAD 008D Wellness Center & Counseling Staff Bio
Elvira Roncalli 406-447-4337 STCH 146 Philosophy Faculty Bio
Philip Rose 406-447-4456 SIMP 109F Computer Science Faculty
Annalisa Ross Carbonella Italian Adjunct
David Rotness FACI BUIL Facilities & Grounds Staff
Stephen Rowan English Adjunct
John Rowley 406-447-4467 FSCT 112 Chemistry Faculty Bio
Jessica Rubino Academic Resource Center Staff
Lloyd Rue Engineering Adjunct
John Runda 406-447-4523 St. AL 203 Adjunct
Annette Ryerson 406-447-5408 SIMP 336 Business Faculty Bio
Jacob Samuelson 406-447-5451 BORR 117 New Student Services Staff
Brandy Sanders 406-447-4401 STCH 101 Office of the President Staff
Michael Sangray Computer Science Adjunct
Kay Satre 406-447-4356 STCH 005 English Faculty Bio
Rachelle Sayers 406-447-4489 PECT BBB Athletics Staff
Gerald Schafer 406-447-4405 SIMP 109C Health Sciences Faculty Bio
Barbara Schaff 406-447-5495 Nursing Faculty
John Scharf 406-447-4456 SIMP 124B Engineering Faculty Bio
Rhonda Schlosser Health & Physical Education Adjunct
Traci Schmaus OCON 201D Business Office Staff
Stephen Schmidt OCON 219 Office of Admission Employee Bio
Mark Schmutzler Communication Employee
Jayme Schneider Nursing Adjunct
Tamika Schoppe Education Adjunct
Bethalee Schoyen 406-447-5445 SIMP 333 Business Faculty Bio
Shaun Scott 406-447-5513 BORR 137 Computer Science Faculty Bio
Mary Seitz Health & Physical Education Adjunct
Holly Semenza Facilities & Grounds Staff
Allison Sever 406-447-4365 Education Staff
Barbara Shaffer 406-447-5481 OCON 217 Office of Admission Staff
Kilynn Sharp 406-447-5504 OCON 212 Human Resources & Admin Srvs Staff
Brandon Sheafor 406-447-4566 SIMP 318B Biology Faculty Bio
Elizabeth Sheafor 406-447-4417 SIMP 344 Biology Adjunct Bio
Janet Sheehy (406) 447-4415 Staff Bio
Gerald Shields 406-447-5464 SIMP 332A Biology Faculty Bio
Kimberly Shire 406-447-4308 CUBE 018 Art: Fine Arts Staff Bio
Nicole Simon Communication Adjunct
Donald Simpson 406-447-5520 FACI 103 Facilities & Grounds Staff
Daniel (Bo) Smelko Psychology Adjunct
Paul Smetana 406-447-5477 BORR SntCtr Staff
Mark Smillie 406-447-5416 STCH 142 Philosophy Faculty Bio
Buffy Smith Employee
Laura Snellman Athletics Staff
James Solomon PECT Rec. Athletics Staff
Eric Spangenberg Geographic Information Systems Adjunct
Tyler Sparing SIMP 315 Theology Adjunct
Patricia Spencer 447 1690 SIMP 315 Communication Adjunct
Dominick Speranza 406-447-4312 STCH 112 Office of Inst Effectiveness Staff
Robert Stansberry Education Faculty Bio
James Stanton Athletics Staff
Ashley Stark 406-447-5446 SIMP 337 Business Faculty Bio
Kevin Stewart 406-447-4529 SIMP 243 English Faculty Bio
Dustin Stewart Adjunct
Ronald Stottlemyer SIMP English Faculty
Alexander Street 406-447-4331 SIMP 242 Political Science Faculty Bio
Kyle Strode 406-447-5564 FSCT 217 Chemistry Faculty Bio
Kathleen Sullivan 406-447-5418 CUBE 133 Bookstore Staff
Eric Sullivan 406-447-4371 BORR 141 Mathematics Faculty Bio
Marie Suthers 406-447-4360 STFR Faculty Bio
Michael Sweeney BORR 053 Facilities & Grounds Staff
David Swenson Computer Science Adjunct
Clinton Sykes Facilities & Grounds Staff
Anthony Szpilka 406-447-5449 SIMP 109A Physics Faculty Bio
Rhiannon Tague Education Adjunct
Daniel Thies 406-447-4333 STCH 133A Campus Ministry Staff Bio
Lara Thomas 406-447-5431 OCON 253 Financial Aid Office Staff
Mark Thompson Faculty Bio
Cynthia Thornquist 406-447-4389 OCON 258 Office of Admission Staff Bio
David Thorvilson 406-447-5518 PECT 103B Athletics Staff
Richard Timmins Employee Bio
Wendy Tonkovich 406-447-4406 STAL 206 Office of Inst Advancement Staff
Lauri Travis 406-447-4420 STCH 144 Sociology Faculty Bio
Lynn Tuck 406-447-4385 OCON 216 Office of Admission Staff
Donna Turcott Education Adjunct
Gary Turcott Athletics Staff
Laureen Tutty SIMP 404B Health & Physical Education Adjunct
Ryan Utsey Athletics Staff
Michael Van Diest 406-447-4485 PECT 182 Athletics Staff Bio
Jeffrey Van Tine 406-447-4301 SIMP 117 Visual Arts Adjunct
Michael Vannatta Chemistry Adjunct
Katherine Wagner 406-447-4551 SIMP 109D Health Sciences Adjunct Bio
Ike Wagner 406-447-4377 OCON 114 Campus Computing & Info Tech Staff
Tina Wagner 406-447-5466 OCON 254 Financial Aid Office Staff
Jeff Wald 406-447-4512 STCH 118 Office of Inst Advancement Staff Bio
Rosalie Walsh 406-447-5530 BORR 100 Career Center Staff Bio
Annette Walstad 406-447-5434 BORR 119 Staff
Maureen Ward 406-447-4378 OCON 207 Community Living Staff Bio
Kristina Ward 406-447-5471 PECT 200C Athletics Staff
Emily Weideman 406-447-5509 STCH 023 Community Living Staff Bio
Willis Weight 406-447-4562 SIMP 118 Engineering Faculty Bio
Theodore Wendt 406-447-5455 BORR 142 Mathematics Faculty Bio
Beth Wheeler 406-447-4491 STAL 101 Office of Inst Advancement Staff
Justin Whitaker SIMP 124A Philosophy Adjunct
Patty White 406-447-4454 STCH 116 Office of Inst Advancement Staff Bio
Theresa White FSCT Facilities & Grounds Staff
Carol Will 406-447-4392 STAL 104 Office of Inst Advancement Staff
Nathan Williams SIMP 112 Computer Science Adjunct Bio
Duane Williams Engineering Adjunct
Kristin Williams 406-447-4447 Office of Inst Advancement Staff
Dayle Williams 406-447-5440 OCON 242 Registrar Staff Bio
Karmen Williams 406-447-5495 SIMP 415 Nursing Faculty Bio
Carolyn Williams Staff
Corrie Williamson BORR 109 English Adjunct
Benjamin Winegard 406-447-4414 SIMP 305A Psychology Faculty Bio
Jerek Wolcott 406-447-5183 PECT Athletics Staff
Kevin Woodward Facilities & Grounds Staff
Kathryn Wright Education Adjunct
Daryl Yingling 406-447-4419 Community Living Staff
Adonis Zamora SIMP 244 SIMP 244 Spanish Adjunct
Elizabeth Zimmerman 406-447-5482 OCON 219 Office of Admission Staff Bio
Lynette Zuroff 406-447-4353 OCON 120 Education Faculty Bio