Residence Life Staff

Meet our Professional Residential Life Staff

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (or RAs) are responsible for cultivating floor and building community, representing the college to the students, and ensuring that community standards and the Student Code of Conduct are followed. Resident Assistants take the time to get to know their residents, help them with problems, and make sure their Carroll educational experience is a positive one. Contacting an RA on campus is easy. Students will find RA contact info on the back of their student I.D. Cards, within the ResLife office (Borro 131) and in the lobby of their residence halls. Indeed, a simple walk around the building will usually find at least one RA ready to assist their residents!

In addition to having a Resident Assistant on each floor, each staff has an RA with extra administrative responsibilities called a Senior Resident Assistant, or SRA. SRAs also help to serve on our Senior Staff On Call rotation.

Campus Apartments Student Building Managers

Our campus apartments have Student Building Managers to help you with all of your facility needs, as well as to help you keep in touch with the campus community and the surrounding area. If you have any issues with your apartment experience, let the Student Building Managers know by sending an email!

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