Housing Policies

Carroll College Housing Policies and Expectations

To support the health of our students and the campus, Residential Life and Housing at Carroll College works in partnership with campus leadership and other relevant offices to determine policies and expectations for Carroll College Students. Listed below is a summary of key policies. 

Please note: This is not a full review of all policies. Carroll students are responsible for reviewing and understanding the full Student Handbook and Academic Catalog. 

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Live On Housing Requirement

Carroll College considers residential living on campus as part of the college’s unique educational experience. All students who have not resided in campus housing for six semesters are required to reside in the college-owned housing. Housing options may be limited based on current occupancy and class standing. 

Housing Requirement Policy

Live On Housing Requirement Exceptions 

Exceptions to the Live On Housing Requirement include: 

  • Students that are at least 21 by the first day of the Fall Semester, as determined by the Academic Calendar.
  • Married students and/or students with dependent children living with them;
  • Students for whom living on campus represents an extreme financial hardship as evidenced from the student‚ Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) report;
  • A medical condition that Carroll College is not able to reasonably accommodate evidenced by the medical case file and a letter from a physician, and affirmed by the Accessibility Services Coordinator;
  • Students from Helena, MT residing with their parents or legal guardian (20 mile radius by determined by zip code) who graduated from a Helena high school. Students must purchase a commuter-level meal plan.

Students seeking an exception to this requirement must submit an application. Application for exceptions not included in the list above does not guarantee approval. 

Application for Exception

Financial Aid and On-Campus Living

Carroll College's commitment as a residential college is affirmed by its policy of awarding financial aid that is intended to assist with direct cost for tuition, fees, college-owned housing, and board. If a student is approved to live off campus or does not enroll in campus housing, Carroll College merit scholarships will be reduced by $4,000 unless the student is independent according to FAFSA regulations.

Carroll institutional grants/scholarships will not exceed:

  • On-campus students = Total of tuition/fixed fees/room/board
  • Off-campus students = Total of tuition/fixed fees

Carroll College institutional aid is not refunded to a student but will be used to pay institutional costs incurred during the academic year awarded. If a student receives outside aid that specifically covers tuition and/or room and board charges, Carroll aid may be reduced. Examples include Veterans benefits, vocational rehabilitation, ROTC, etc.

If students choose to live off-campus, have been granted permission to live off-campus, or live in campus apartments, institutional need-based aid may be reduced. The financial aid package is based on full-time attendance and a student’s housing status at Carroll.

As always, please schedule an appointment with a member of the Financial Aid Team, or email fao@carroll.edu with questions concerning your aid package. 

Academic Catalog: Financial Aid 

Housing Agreement Cancellation and Termination

  • Housing Agreement Cancellation refers to notification to Residential Life and Housing before a student's first day of occupancy to end their housing agreement. Notification of intent to end a Housing Agreement does not override Live-On Requirements. 
  • Housing Agreement Termination refers to requests to terminate a housing agreement after a student's first day of occupancy. 

Housing Agreement Cancellation

To cancel a Housing Agreement and Housing Application, students must notify Residential Life and Housing via email, at reslife@carroll.edu. Eligible students may cancel their agreement and application for no penalty by end of business on May 31. 

Between June 1 and the opening date of the Residence Halls,  a cancellation fee of $600 will be posted to the student’s account (except in the case of a full withdrawal from the college).

Housing Agreement Termination

The Reservation and Housing Agreement will be terminated if the resident withdraws from the college during or at the end of the semester, or is suspended or dismissed from the college or the residence halls for disciplinary reasons. Persons not enrolled in classes may not reside in the residence halls. A student must either be taking a minimum of 12 credits or get permission from the Director of Residential Life & Housing. The student is still responsible for any financial obligations incurred in accordance with the housing agreement. Rooms are contracted and assigned on the expectation that the student will occupy the room for the Fall and Spring Semesters. Refund and penalties for cancellation or termination of the agreement are as follows:

If approved for full withdrawal after the first day of occupancy, the following applies:

  • Room charges are refunded in accordance with the tuition refund policy
  • Students who attempt to terminate their housing contract for any reason other than withdrawal (including attempting to terminate between semesters) will not be approved, and are financially liable for the entirety of the Housing Agreement. 
  • Students who would like to appeal their housing agreement for extenuating and unforeseen circumstances may submit a written appeal to the Director of Residential Life and Housing for review by the Carroll College Appeals Committee.

No refunds will be issued after the last three weeks of any semester.