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The remains of the tanker car carrying hydrogen peroxide from the explosion

Helena Train Explosion - 30th Anniversary

"Early in the dark hours of February 2, 1989, 48 freight cars broke away from their locomotives. They rolled nine miles back into Helena, where they struck a three-locomotive worker train at 4:48 a.m. Nineteen cars derailed and there was a small explosion from a propane fueled switch heater. Ten minutes later, a ruptured tanker carrying several tons of hydrogen peroxide exploded, causing the damage to Carroll College"

Elvira Roncalli and her PHIL 495 Students

Highlight: Peer-Review in the Classroom

Elvira Roncalli Ph.D., professor of philosophy at Carroll College, needed the ability to create a double-blind peer-reviewed student symposium for her course.  That's where the peer-review tools in Carroll Scholars came in to play . . .

Roman Sarcophagus

Highlight: Stone Sarcophagi of the Roman Empire

Barry Ferst Ph.D., professor of philosophy at Carroll College, recently made available a collection of more than 3600 images of Roman sarcophagi which he took over the course of twenty-five years of trips to Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. 

Image of proposed library learning commons

Important Information Regarding the Library Renovation

The new Library Learning Commons will be a state-of-the-art learning center where students can engage with each other and support staff and find space for individual or group study.  The transformation of the library into a learning commons will begin with the renovation of the lower floor starting May 16, 2018 and continuing through the Fall.  We are doing our best to keep the library’s resources accessible for the Carroll community during the renovation, and we ask for your patience during this period. 

  • Carroll students, faculty, and staff can place requests for books using Saints Search.  The library staff will retrieve the books from storage and place them on the hold shelf at the circulation desk.  Patrons will receive an email when items are ready for pick-up.  We hope to retrieve books once a day, Monday-Friday, allowing us to deliver requested items the next business day (with the exception of weekends).  Only the material downstairs is affected by the construction this summer and fall. You will not need to request DVDs, reference material, or print periodicals.  Please click here to see detailed instructions on how to place a request for a book.
  • The construction company will be placing a door at the base of the stairs to limit noise and dust, but the upper floor is still likely to be noisy and a little dusty.  Air conditioning in the building will be offline for a portion of the summer, but we don’t know the exact time frame.
  • All downstairs areas in the library, including study rooms, will be inaccessible.

Library Hours

Corette Library's hours of operation. 

Opening hours: