Library Summer Hours

Library Summer Hours

The Library will be open this Summer for fun in the sun Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Summer hours begin May 13th.  The Libary will be closed for Memorial Day May 27th, and July 4th-5th.

Library Stacks Are Open

Library Stacks Are Open!

The library stacks are now open for quiet study.  We have some of the new furniture in place, and will install the remaining new furniture as it arrives over the next few weeks.  Come see the new space!

The remains of the tanker car carrying hydrogen peroxide from the explosion

Helena Train Explosion - 30th Anniversary

"Early in the dark hours of February 2, 1989, 48 freight cars broke away from their locomotives. They rolled nine miles back into Helena, where they struck a three-locomotive worker train at 4:48 a.m. Nineteen cars derailed and there was a small explosion from a propane fueled switch heater. Ten minutes later, a ruptured tanker carrying several tons of hydrogen peroxide exploded, causing the damage to Carroll College"

Elvira Roncalli and her PHIL 495 Students

Highlight: Peer-Review in the Classroom

Elvira Roncalli Ph.D., professor of philosophy at Carroll College, needed the ability to create a double-blind simulated "peer-reviewed" student symposium for her course.  That's where the peer-review tools in Carroll Scholars came in to play . . .

Roman Sarcophagus

Highlight: Stone Sarcophagi of the Roman Empire

Barry Ferst Ph.D., professor of philosophy at Carroll College, recently made available a collection of more than 3600 images of Roman sarcophagi which he took over the course of twenty-five years of trips to Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. 

Library Hours

Corette Library's hours of operation. 

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