Carroll Announces Completion of Library and Learning Commons

Corette Library and Simperman Learning Commons

Carroll College Unveils the Newly Remodeled Corette Library and Simperman Learning Commons

(Helena, MT) – Carroll College is proud to announce the grand reopening of the Corette Library and Simperman Learning Commons, following a comprehensive and transformative renovation. This ambitious project has culminated in a cutting-edge facility designed to meet the dynamic needs of today’s students.

The renovation of the Jack and Sallie Corette Library and the creation of the Simperman Learning Commons represent a significant milestone in the college's history, showcasing a state-of-the-art academic hub.

"This endeavor redefines our library as a modern venue for education, creativity, and collaboration. It's a testament to the vision and generosity of Roy and Frances Simperman, and to the collective effort of our community," said Carroll College President, Dr. John Cech. "On behalf of everyone at Carroll College, including the Board of Trustees, our faculty, staff, and especially our students, I want to express our profound gratitude to the Simpermans for their unwavering dedication and generous financial contribution to this vital multiyear renovation project. The entire Corette Library at Carroll College has been enhanced, making it arguably one of the top academic libraries in the Northwest!"

In addition to the Simpermans, the project was made possible thanks to the philanthropic support of the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust, Sunderland Foundation, Ron and Tar Rickman, Tom Harrison, Tom and Diana Dowling, Jerry Berberet, among many other donors, underlining a shared commitment to advancing Carroll College's educational mission.

The Library and Learning Commons’ enhanced features were designed in direct response to student feedback. These include additional study rooms, a 24/7 accessible Fireside Room, improved technology infrastructure, and the new CITE – Center for Innovation in Technology for Education.

"Our goal was to create an inclusive space that fosters innovation and collaboration. With these enhancements, we ensure our library continues to lead in fostering a vibrant learning and research community," said Library Director, Dr. Jennifer Oates.

Key Features of the Remodeled Library and Learning Commons:

  • Enhanced Study Spaces: Addition of nine study rooms for group and individual study.
  • The Fireside Room: A secured, 24/7 accessible study space with an LED fireplace.
  • Increased Flexibility: More mobile whiteboards and windows for a brighter, adaptable environment.
  • Accessibility Improvements: New 24/7 accessible bathrooms.
  • CITE – Center for Innovation in Technology for Education: Featuring a podcasting room, a makerspace with 3-D printing, and audio/video post-production support.
  • Technology Infrastructure: Upgrades to internet and wireless connectivity.
  • Visible Tutoring Room: Highlights commitment to academic support with improved access.

The remodeled upper level of the Library and Learning Commons are part of Phase II of a major renovation project, building on the success of the earlier phase completed in 2019 that transformed the lower level into a multimedia communication center. The completion of this project establishes the Corette Library and Simperman Learning Commons as a centerpiece of campus life on campus, embodying Carroll College's commitment to providing a premier academic experience.

The new facility encourages collaboration among students and faculty while also enriching the educational experience for the entire campus community. This project not only enhances the campus's academic resources but also solidifies Carroll College's position as a leader in innovative education and student support.

The college expresses its gratitude to Mosaic Architecture, Dick Anderson Construction, Morrison-Maierle, and all partners involved in this project. Special thanks are also due to the Library and Learning Commons team, led by Jennifer Oates.

For more information about the Corette Library and Simperman Learning Commons, including a detailed Q&A with Library Director Jennifer Oates, visit

The remodeled Library and Learning Commons officially reopened on Monday, March 11. Recognizing that this coincided with Carroll College’s spring break, there will be a celebratory opening with balloons and cookies welcoming students to the new space on Monday, March 18. There will also be a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony and celebration to honor the Simpermans in late spring/early summer.