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Faith & Service

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As a Catholic College, we hold that every person is uniquely created and loved into existence by God. Our lives become a great adventure when we pursue the unique purpose that has been entrusted to each one of us. At Carroll, through our relationships with God and others, we journey into the deepest questions of the human heart and discover answers that transform our souls and change the world.

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Carroll College is meant to be a beacon to the Church in the Northwest.

Saint John Paul II

Our motto: Non scholae sed vitae 

Translated from the Latin: “Not for school, but for life.”

More than a slogan, these are words we live by. They inform how we learn, teach, and live. Here’s how they will be part of your Carroll experience:

  • Not for school. You’ll understand that real worth isn’t measured by a grade, an award, or a degree. What matters is the truth you pursue, the virtue you exhibit, and the difference you make. 
  • For life. Just as your education didn’t begin at Carroll, neither will it end here. Our faculty will challenge you to learn more than facts and figures, skills and information. You’ll learn to ask questions—important, meaningful life questions—of yourself and others. You’ll experience the thrill of discovering new knowledge and the humility of knowing there will always be more to learn.

Yes, we will celebrate your academic achievements. We will take pride in your successes after Carroll. Because we’ll know that you will never stop questioning, striving, growing. That your Carroll adventure: Non scholae sed vitae. Not for school, but for life. 


Jordan Diehl

Coming to Carroll with little previous Catholic background, I had no interest in the faith community. Now, I look back on the people who have impacted me the most and contributed to my journey as a non-Catholic Christian. The faith community leaders, faculty, and staff at Carroll College tend to every student with exceptional eagerness, astounding care, and unending joy. Regardless of a student’s religious or spiritual preference, authentic interactions with individuals on campus provide students with an engaging environment that welcomes diversity and perspective. It is this unique environment that fostered my spiritual journey.

Jordan Diehl Nursing, Boise, ID

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Our Diocesan Tradition

Since our founding by the Diocese of Helena, Carroll has focused on service to the parishes in the diocese and to the broader community of Helena and Montana. Our graduates—those who remain in the area and those who move elsewhere—continue their service, evidence of our motto in action: service not for school, but for life.

Night service at All Saints Chapel
Night Mass at All Saints Chapel