Academic Technology

Library Sandbox Classroom

Carroll College’s Academic Technology supports the integration of learning and technology across campus, physically and virtually.

Learning Management System

We administer and support the Moodle LMS (learning management system).

Classes at Carroll use Moodle to share content, track assignments, provide a space for collaboration, and give student feedback. 

Please refer to the Moodle FAQ  for further information.

AV in Classrooms

Classrooms at Carroll are equipped with projectors and video conferencing capabilities.

We maintain a standardized technology set-up which allows faculty and students to walk into any space and connect wireless or by using HDMI.

To connect wirelessly to a projector, please install Epson iProjection on your computer.

Teaching or learning remotely? We can help you make the most of the experience.

Center for Innovation in Technology for Education (CITE)

We can help you find the technology you need for teaching and learning.

CITE is dedicated to exploring new ways to use technology to improve the delivery of education 21st century students.

Need a clicker? Using Zoom for the first time? How about a drone? Want to bounce around ideas for keeping students engaged? We are ready to help students and faculty create videos, websites, podcasts, or other projects that allow you to flex creative muscle and communicate in new ways.

CITE Support Staff

Dan Case is the Director of Academic Technology at Carroll. As a Carroll graduate, Dan has a variety of experience in academics and technology and is the mind behind our classroom technology innovations. He holds an M.Ed. in Educational Technology, sits on the board of Northwest Managers of Educational Technology, is a frequent conference presenter, and is a certified Extron A/V Specialist.

Rachel Martin is an Academic Technology Specialist. As a former teacher and teacher trainer, she embraces the pedagogical side of technology. She holds two Masters degrees and has lived on three continents. At Carroll, she is the Moodle administrator.