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First, have you made your deposit?

No, I have not deposited.

If you have not deposited, you can do that now by visiting our Enrollment Reservation page. Submitting your enrollment deposit will ensure that you have secured your place at Carroll College. 

Yes, I have deposited!

Congratulations! We are happy that you will soon be a member of the Carroll family.

Advising and class registration begins in June for fall semester students and in November for students entering in the spring.   After you submit your enrollment deposit you will receive an email from the Office of Academic Advising inviting you to complete an Advising Questionnaire.  The AQ will assist our academic advisors in building your first semester's schedule.  Fall semester students will begin receiving the AQ in June and spring semester students will begin receiving the AQ in November. 

If you haven’t received a questionnaire as outlined above please contact Cheri Long in the Office of Advising at 406-447-4504 or email her at chlong@carroll.edu.