Register for Classes

First, have you made your deposit?

No, I have not deposited.

If you have not deposited, you can do that now by visiting our Enrollment Reservation page. Submitting your enrollment deposit will ensure that you have secured your place at Carroll College. 

Yes, I have deposited!

After you submit your enrollment deposit you will receive an email from the Office of Academic Advising instructing you to complete an Advising Questionnaire (AQ).  After you have submitted your AQ, you will then receive instructions titled "Understanding Your Degree Requirements (using the college catalog)."

It is necessary that you complete both these first steps as quickly as possible, so you are prepared to create a schedule of classes in April, and register in May!  We will offer three opportunities to participate in group advising/registration sessions, during the month of April.  Students who participate in those group sessions will have their schedules ready, and will be first-in-line for registration which begins in May.

Starting with the AQ, this is a four-step advising and registration process.  When you complete each step, you will receive an email with instructions for the next step.  Check your email daily!!!!!

If you haven’t received an AQ as outlined above please contact Cheri Long in the Office of Advising at 406-447-4504 or email her at