Register for Classes

All first-year students are required to attend one scheduled planning and registration event.

All students must attend one of these events. Future Saint Fridays are preferred because there is much more you can do than register. However, we do offer virtual sessions to help start the process of registering.

You must be a deposited student to participate in the registration process. 

Get Prepared

When you have deposited, your next step is to prepare yourself for class selection and registration.  To start, you will want to thoroughly read and understand the College Catalog -- especially the section that explains Degree Requirements.  The best way to prepare for course selection and registration is to know your degree requirements, be familiar with our Core Curriculum, and review a suggested four-year-plan for completing your proposed major area of study.

In early April, all deposited students will receive email instructions to complete an Academic Questionnaire (AQ).  This important document helps you - and Academic Advisors - to prepare for your mandatory schedule planning and registration event.  The AQ is your opportunity to share with us your current plans for majors, minors, and pre-professional pathways.  It also gives us important information to help place you in appropriate courses.

If, during high school, you took dual enrollment classes through a local college or university, it is time to request your OFFICIAL Transcript be sent to Carroll College's Admissions Office.  The earlier we receive your official transcript, the earlier your hard-earned coursework will appear on your Carroll College transcript, allowing you to account for your completed coursework when planning your schedule and getting registered.

Check your email daily!  New information will be sent frequently, with dates, details, and invitations to Virtual Schedule Planning and Registration Events.