Weapons/Gun Policy & Procedure

Weapons and Gun Policy

Except as provided in this policy, employees, students and visitors are prohibited from possessing or carrying firearms, guns, explosives, and other dangerous or illegal weapons (“Prohibited Weapons”) on or within any Carroll College campus or building, regardless of whether the employee, student, or visitor has a permit to carry a firearm. “Dangerous or illegal weapons” include any instrument of offensive or defensive combat; anything used, or designed to be used, in destroying, defeating, or injuring a person; an instrument designed or likely to produce bodily harm; or an instrument whose use will likely result in a serious or fatal wound. “Dangerous or illegal weapons” may include, but are not limited to, the following: any firearm or gun; slingshot; cross-knuckles; knuckles of lead, brass or other metal; any bowie knife, dirk, dagger, or similar knife; any knife having the appearance of a pocket knife, the blade of which can be opened by a flick of a button, pressure on the handle, or other mechanical device, and any hunting bows. A harmless instrumentality designed to look like a firearm, explosive, or other dangerous or illegal weapon and which is used by or is in the possession of a person with the intent to cause fear in or assault to another person is expressly included within the meaning of a Prohibited Weapon.

This policy does not prohibit students from transporting an unloaded firearm or hunting bow directly between a parking area and the authorized location for checking in, checking out, and storing firearms or hunting bows in accordance with the Weapon, Check-in/Check-out Procedure described below. This policy also does not apply to licensed law enforcement officers when on duty and performing public safety duties at the college.

Weapon Check-in/Check-out Procedure

Students must contact the Director of Campus Security and Public Safety at (406) 447-4404 to make arrangements to check-in a firearm or hunting bow to the college’s weapon storage prior to bringing the firearm or hunting bow to campus. All weapons must be brought in a case or storage-type container. All firearms must be unloaded and ammunition placed in a separate container. To check out the stored firearm or hunting bow, the students must contact the Director of Campus Security and Public Safety at least one business day prior to the use of the firearm or hunting bow. The college reserves the right to refuse to check out firearms or hunting bows to individuals who appear to be impaired by alcohol or drug use or demonstrating emotional or psychological stress. Failure to comply with guidelines and procedures for storing the firearm or hunting bow may result in law enforcement being summoned to campus and referral to the student conduct process.

Items determined to be Prohibited Weapons found in the possession of a student, employee, or visitor will be confiscated, and the incident will be referred to the appropriate supervisor or student conduct review process for disciplinary action. Law enforcement may also be notified.

An employee, student, or visitor with a reasonable basis for believing an individual is in possession of or is carrying a Prohibited Weapon in violation of this policy has a responsibility to report the suspected act in a timely manner unless doing so would subject the employee, student, visitor or others to physical harm. This policy shall not prohibit notification to appropriate law enforcement authorities when an immediate threat to personal safety exists.

Download the Carroll Public Safety Weapon Storage Contract