Safe Ride Home

Safe Ride Home

Call Lyft/Uber For a Safe Ride Home

With the goal of reducing alcohol-impaired driving, Carroll College encourages students to have a plan to get home safely as well as raise social consciousness around responsible drinking behaviors. The Carroll College Safe Ride Home Program is designed for currently enrolled Carroll College students of any age to use when they do not have a designated driver to get them home safely. The Safe Ride Home program is not to transport students from party to party, or bar to bar.

Call Lyft/Uber to arrange for a safe ride home. Carroll College will reimburse students for the cost of Lyft/Uber if they drop off a receipt in the ASCC Suggestions Box, which is currently located on the table outside the STAC, or complete the Safe Ride Home Reimbursement Form. Providing your name and ID for a safe ride home reimbursement will not initiate the student conduct process.

Safe Ride Home Reimbursement Form

Responsible Social Conduct

Carroll students using the Safe Ride Home Program are expected to engage in responsible social conduct that reflects credit upon the College community and to model good citizenship both on- and off-campus. Students using the Safe Ride Home program are expected to show respect for the driver and the vehicle, and to follow all safety rules and regulations, as well as any instructions given. This system is not to be abused or taken advantage of, but utilized as a way for students to ensure that they can get home safely no matter what, no questions asked. Tips are not included in the fare charge covered by the College so if a student wishes to do so they can choose that.