Allison Sever, Customer Servant

Allison Sever, Director of Mail Services, receives her Customer Servant Award
Thursday, December 15, 2022

Allison Sever, Customer Servant

Director of Mail Services

“The spirit (not knowledge) is power”

Allison has been a cornerstone for Carroll students for five years, within the Education Department and now within her current position as the Director of Mail Services, to field the necessities that students order or that loved ones send. Her service is an extension of her character – one that is dedicated to students and their necessities. While some students rely on Allison all four years, or for only a few, while living on campus, her kindness is felt by all. 

One student reflected on Allison’s service by talking about how whenever they go to pick up a package they are “greeted by their first name.” If they were running late to pick something up, she would “stay open after hours to make sure you received your package on time.” This personal touch is reflective of flexibility, understanding, and grace that makes everyone feel supported even with hectic schedules. 

“An institution starts on course towards people-building with leadership that has a firmly established context of people first.” 

Another student reflected that “even though it’s been a year since I picked up a package at the school, every time she sees me on campus, she remembers my name and asks how I’ve been.” Similarly, one student remarked that she and her friend “were getting our packages and my friend was talking about how her package that she had ordered three weeks ago hadn't arrived yet. Allison overheard our conversation and told my friend to come see her if the package wasn't here by the end of the week and she would track it down and get the package to my friend.” 

This commitment to welcoming all members of the Carroll community cultivates an environment of trust and care that goes far beyond the job description. This effort and consideration on behalf of others cannot be taught, but is instead fundamental to someone's character. Allison makes people feel taken care of and supported without asking how it might benefit herself. 

We students have spent the semester studying the principles of customer service through organizational case studies. We, the Servant Leadership class of 2022, are proud to honor Allison Sever as an exemplary Customer Servant..

Allison, thank you for all the love - and mail - `you give students, staff, and faculty.  

SL Ceremony 2022

Cindy Moore, Claire O'Malley, and Allison Sever receive 2022 Carroll College Customer Servant Awards