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Blackfeet Community College

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Blackfeet Community CollegeCarroll College
ACT 110Beginning Weight Training1LAS 102Physical Education Activities---
ACT 111Beginning Weight Training - Women1LAS 102Physical Education Activities---
ACTG 180Payroll Accounting3BA 189Business Elective---
ACTG 201Principles of Financial Accounting3BA 203Principles of Accounting I---
ACTG 202Principles of Managerial Accounting3BA 204Principles of Accounting II---
ACTG 205Computerized Accounting3BA 289Business Elective---
ACTG 211Income Tax Fundamentals3BA 289Business Elective---
AMGT 145Records Management3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AMGT 210Office Success Strategies3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ANTY 250Introduction to Archaeology3AN 289Anthropology ElectiveSocial Science--
BIOB 160Principles of Living Systems3BI 121Foundations of Cell and Molecular BiologyNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOB 161Principles of Living Systems Laboratory1BI 131Lab Explorations Cellular and Molecular BINatural Science--
BIOB 170Principles of Biological Diversity3BI 122Foundations of Organismal BiologyNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOB 171Principles of Biological Diversity Laboratory1BI 132Physiology and Ecology LabNatural Science--
BIOH 101Foundations of Human Biology3BI 102Human BiologyNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOH 201Human Anatomy and Physiology I (=301)3BI 201Intro to Human Anatomy and Physiology INatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOH 202Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory1BI 201LIntro. To Human Anatomy and Physiology I LabNatural Science--
BIOH 211Human Anatomy and Physiology II (=311)3BI 202Intro to Human Anatomy and Physiology IINatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOH 212Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab1BI 202LIntro. To Human Anatomy and Physiology I LabNatural Science--
BIOM 250Microbiology for Health Sciences3BI 214General MicrobiologyNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
BIOM 251Microbiology for Health Sciences Lab1BI 289LBiology Elective---
CAPP 158MS Access3CS 213*Management Information Systems--*if CAPP 266 is also completed
CHMY 121Introduction to General Chemistry3CH 111Essentials of Chemistry: GeneralNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CHMY 122Introduction to General Chemistry Laboratory1CH 111LEssentials of Chemistry: General LabNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CHMY 123Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry3CH 112Ess of Chem: Organic and BiochemistryNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CHMY 124Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry Laboratoryn/cCH 112LChemistry LabNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
CJUS 121Introduction to Criminal Justice3SO 189Sociology ElectiveSocial Science--
COMX 111Introduction to Public Speaking3CO 101Basic CommunicationBasic Communications--
CSCI 221System Analysis and Design3CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ECNS 201Principles of Microeconomicsn/cEC 201Principles of Economics ISocial Science--
ECNS 202Principles of Macroeconomics3EC 202Principles of Economics IISocial Science--
EDEC 210Meeting the Needs of Families3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDEC 295EC Fieldwork/Practicumn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
EDU 220Human Growth and Developmentn/cED 189Educational Elective---
GEO 101Introduction to Physical Geology3ES 111Earth ScienceNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
GEO 102Introduction to Physical Geology Laboratory1ES 189LEarth Science LabNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
HSTA 255Montana History3HI 231Montana and the WestHistory--
ITS 150CCNA 1: Exploration4CS 189Computer Science Elective---
ITS 152CCNA 2: Exploration4CS 189Computer Science Elective---
LIT 110Introduction to Literature3ENLT 215Introduction to LiteratureLiterature--
M 111Technical Mathematics3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 121College Algebra3MA 117Difference Equations and Linear AlgebraMathematics--
M 130Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I3MA 201Mathematics for Elementary Education IMathematics--
M 131Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II3MA 202Mathematics for Elementary Education IIMathematics--
M 143Finite Mathematics3MA 117Mathematics Elective---
M 151Precalculus4MA 112Pre-calculus: Functions and GraphsMathematics--
M 171Calculus I4MA 121Differential CalculusMathematics--
M 172Calculus II4MA 122Integral CalculusMathematics--
M 90Introductory Algebra3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 95Intermediate Algebra3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NASX 210Native American Sports and Games3SO 289Sociology Elective-ND-
NASX 235Oral and Written Traditions of Native Americans3ENLT 216Introduction to Literature (WI)-ND, WI-
NASX 240Native American Literature3ENLT 215NIntroduction to LiteratureLiteratureND-
NASX 280Native American Studies Research Theories and Methods3SO 289Sociology Elective---
NRSG 100Introduction to Nursing1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 130Fundamentals of Nursing7WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 135Pharmacology for Practical Nurses3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 138Gerontology for Nursing2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 140Adult Health Nursing7WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 142Nursing Care of Women and Children3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 144Core Concepts of Mental Health Nursing2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 148Leadership Issues for Practical Nurse2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 250LPN to RN Transition3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 252Cmplx Care Maternal/Child Clnt3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 254Mental Health Concepts2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 262Complex Care Needs -Adult Client4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 265Advanced Clinical Skills Lab1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
NRSG 266Managing Client Care for the RN4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
PHL 132Introduction to Critical Thinking3PHIL 114Critical ThinkingPhilosophy--
PSYX 100Introduction to Psychology3PSY 105General PsychologySocial Science--
PSYX 120Research Methods I3PSY 189Psychology ElectiveSocial Science--
PSYX 230Developmental Psychology3PSY 203Developmental PsychologySocial Science--
PSYX 240Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology3PSY 306Abnormal PsychologySocial Science--
PSYX 260Fundamentals of Social Psychology3PSY/SO 216Social PsychologySocial ScienceND-
PSYX 272Educational Psychology3PSY/ED 229Educational PsychologySocial Science--
SOCI 101Introduction to Sociology3SO 101Introduction to SociologySocial Science--
STAT 216Introduction to Statistics3MA 207Elementary StatisticsMathematics--
WRIT 101College Writing I3ENWR 102College Composition IIComposition--
WRIT 121Intro to Technical Writing3ENWR 189English Writing Elective-WI-
WRIT 122Introduction to Business Writing3ENWR 189English Writing Elective---
WRIT 201College Writing II3ENWR 302Expository Writing-WI-
WRIT 202College Writing III3ENWR 289English Writing Elective---
WRIT 80Building Basic Writing Skills3WILL NOT TRANSFER----