Carroll Adventure and Mountaineering Program

The Carroll Adventure and Mountaineering Program (CAMP) provides students with various opportunities to experience outdoor recreation activities.

Carroll Adventure and Mountaineering Program (CAMP)

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Saturday, Aug 25
Freshman Rafting Trip

Aug 31 – Sept 2
Freshman Backpacking Trip

Sept 8-9
Upperclass Backpacking Trip

Some of the most powerful moments shared here happen as part of the Carroll Adventure and Mountaineering Program (CAMP). Open to all students, CAMP provides opportunities for outdoor fun and adventure that most schools simply cannot match.

Around Helena
Our location in Helena puts you just minutes from a seemingly endless range of offerings through CAMP, from trail running, to fly-fishing in the Missouri River, to mountain biking on the South Hills trails, to backpacking trips, hikes to Crow Creek Falls, snowshoeing in the Helena National Forest, and much more.

In the Region
With Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park just a few hours away, you’ll have easy access to two of the most impressive outdoor areas in the entire world. You may also find yourself skiing at the Great Divide Ski Area, rafting in the Alberton Gorge, or cliff diving at Canyon Ferry Lake.

Across the Country
Students in CAMP can take advantage of exciting trips to different parts of the country to experience a diversity of outdoor settings. Our recent Spring Break trip to Moab, Utah, took students through some of the most breathtaking canyons anywhere in the world.

As a Carroll student involved in CAMP, you’ll also qualify for many discounts that significantly reduce costs associated with the activities you’re interested in. For example, you can get your license to hunt deer, elk, and upland game birds at a discount of more than $800. Learn more by calling Fish, Wildlife, and Parks at (406) 444-2950.

One of our more popular events is our weekly 'Trail Run Tuesday'.

Learn More About CAMP

Learn more about everything CAMP has to offer by contacting Brad Maddock at (406) 447-5453 or