Responsible Drinking

UAP (Underage in Possession of Alcohol) Remedial Alcohol Awareness Classes

Remedial Alcohol Awareness Education is offered by the Student Wellness Center for students who are convicted by the local courts, Helena City and Lewis and Clark County. There is a $100.00 fee for this education program, which will be billed to student accounts.

This opportunity is being offered through the Smart Choices: Responsible Drinking for Life program that has alcohol abuse prevention education and early intervention for abusers as two of its primary goals.

Effective October 2005, all persons convicted of Underage in Possession of Alcohol (Montana Code 45-5-624) are mandated to attend a substance abuse information course (6 hours in length). Prior to October 2005 only persons convicted of Minor in Possession of Alcohol (under18 years of age) were required to participate in the substance abuse information course.

Carroll College Program

The Alcohol Awareness Education Program at Carroll requires attendance and participation in two group educational meetings using the curriculum from "Choices About AlcoholTM" and successful completion with a passing grade of 75% of the interactive Internet program "AlcoholEdu for Sanctions" between the two meetings. The meetings are in O'Connell 101, from 12:30-2:00 PM and cost is $100.00.  Be sure to allow enough time to complete the program based upon deadlines assigned to you by the Courts or by the College

Contact the Wellness Center at 406-447-5441 to register for the program.

Intermountain Community Services

A Carroll student convicted of a UAP has the option of attending the MIP/UAP Class at Intermountain Community Services. The substance abuse awareness class is $100.00 and a full day 8:30am-5:30pm. The class usually occurs once a month and is scheduled based on the number that register. Address: 3420 Dredge Drive  Phone 406-442-7920

Alcohol Awareness Education is mandated by MT State Law.  The Courts will allow students to obtain the education from Carroll College or Boyd Andrew Community Services. 

Alcohol Consequences

1st Offense (UAP) with the Court (Educational Fee: $100)

  • Participation in two educational classes with the Alcohol Educator using the curriculum Choices About AlcoholTM
  • Completion and passing grade of 75% in online course "AlcoholEdu for Sanctions"
  • Successful completion of Alcohol Awareness Education Program

2nd Offense for Court (Educational Fee: $125)

  • Referred directly to Boyd Andrew for MIP/UAP Plus: same 6 hours of education in the MIP/UAP Class, plus chemical dependency assessment. (Referral to a chemical treatment facility - Boyd Andrew - is required by Montana State Law for a second UAP).