Hydrogeology Students in the Field

Friday, November 3, 2017

Students in Engineering 325 (hydrogeology) have been discussing methods of analytizer aquifer test data, and earlier this month they had the opportunity for hands on field experience!  

A mixture of Civil EngineeringEngineering Science, and Environmental Program students in the class went to the home of Dr. Marie Suthers, a professor of Anthrozoology at Carroll.  She allowed students to pump her well at about 5 gpm for one hour followed by shutting the pump off and collecting the recovery data so the students could have a hands-on applied experience. They will evaluate the data and provide conclusions and recommendations.  The weather provided a real Montana field experience with constant snowfall and a temperature of 18 degrees. 

Hydrogeology Students working in a snowy field
Hydrogeology Students working in a very snowy field