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Anthrozoology at Carroll

The Field
At its core, the field of anthrozoology is about helping people live better lives. It involves animal-assisted therapy techniques and programs designed to help people of all ages overcome a vast array of physical and mental hardships. You might see it in the dog that’s been trained to serve as a reading companion for children, the horse helping someone overcome a physical disability, or a golden eagle easing the daily life of a veteran struggling with PTSD.

No matter what form it takes, anthrozoology is about embracing the bond between humans and animals, and touching lives.

The Program
Anthrozoology at Carroll CollegeAs a student in the anthrozoology program, you’ll explore the human-animal bond and develop the knowledge and skills to improve lives through animal-assisted therapy, veterinary medicine, and other service occupations. The program blends a core liberal arts education, specialized psychology courses, and classroom theory with extensive hands-on training in which you’ll work with horses, dogs, and even wildlife.

  • Canine Classes—You’ll learn canine training techniques working with regional shelter dogs, which also benefit from our program since we’re rehabilitating them from their lives at dog rescues. Your education and training will be specific to animal-assisted activities and therapies, search and rescue, or scent detection.
  • Equine Classes—You’ll explore the many ways the horse-human relationship can contribute to psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being. In addition to learning about the implications of the horse-human relationship throughout history and developing essential skills to work in the field of equine assisted activities and therapies, you’ll also gain a strong foundation in safe and ethical horsemanship practices.

Why Anthrozoology at Carroll?
First and foremost, ours is the first undergraduate anthrozoology program in the nation. So as a student here, you’ll prepare for your future role as a leader in this emerging discipline and someone with the ability to actually shape the field. You’ll benefit from internship and research opportunities with our partner organizations like Zoo Montana; Working Dogs for Conservation; Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks; and Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch. Through our work-study program you may get paid doing what you love—working with horses. And our faculty are the industry leaders who will offer you valuable connections around the world.

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