Carroll renews agreements with Notre Dame and Columbia

Back row L to R: Professors Terry Mullen, Mary Keeffe and Ted Wendt. Front row L to R: Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs Catherine Day and President John Cech.
Friday, December 21, 2018

HELENA – Carroll College President John Cech recently signed partnership agreements with the University of Notre Dame and Columbia University in order to continue their affiliation with Carroll College’s Engineering Mathematics (3-2) dual degree program. 

Engineering Mathematics (3-2) is a dual degree program that prepares students for employment and/or graduate school in engineering. Students enrolled in the program attend Carroll for three years and then matriculate to one of four affiliated universities for two years of additional study in their chosen engineering field. After five years, students receive a bachelor’s of arts degree in engineering mathematics from Carroll and a bachelor’s of science degree in specialized engineering (e.g., mechanical) from the engineering school to which they transferred.

The 3-2 program enables a student to develop a solid foundation in mathematics, science, and the engineering sciences in a small, student-centered environment before transferring to a larger institution. Students benefit from the dual experience of studying at a Catholic liberal arts college as well as a major engineering university. Upon successfully completing the program, students have earned two bachelor’s degrees in just five years.

“Carroll has had a 3-2 engineering affiliation with Columbia and Notre Dame for almost 60 years,” said President Cech. “We are very pleased to have our association with these outstanding, internationally recognized institutions continue. It provides a great pathway for students to receive both a degree from Carroll and a degree from one of these elite and very selective universities.”

A selection of the engineering fields available through the 3-2 partnerships include: Aerospace Engineering; Agricultural Engineering; Biomedical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Computer Engineering; Construction Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Geological Engineering; Geophysical Engineering; Industrial Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Metallurgical & Materials Engineering; Mining Engineering; Nuclear Engineering; and Petroleum Engineering.

In addition to Notre Dame and Columbia, Carroll has articulation agreements with the College of Engineering at Montana State University in Bozeman and Montana Tech in Butte. Students also have the option to transfer to any accredited engineering university to complete their 3-2 education.

For additional information, contact Professor of Math and Engineering Terry Mullen at 406-447-4452, or visit