Financial Literacy Program

Welcome to the Momentum onUp Financial Literacy and Asset Management program. Our vision is to help you achieve your financial dreams. That’s why we have partnered with MT Credit Unions and Momentum onUp. This financial education resource is here to help you on your road to financial greatness.

Momentum onUp was built on the desire to help individuals and families reach financial greatness while focusing on values that matter. The program includes the Momentum onUp program, My MoneyDesktop, calculators, budget spreadsheets and loads of other features.

Here's how to get started with Momentum onUp:

  • Go to and scroll down to the registration form
  • Enter registration code: Carroll
  • Complete your personal information
  • Accept the “terms of use agreement”
  • Click “Register”

Registered and visiting again?

  • Click the log in (top right)
  • Enter your email and password

Step One: Complete your Financial Confidence Profile

  • Once you have Registered you will be automatically prompted to complete the Financial Profile
  • Complete all 15 questions

Step Two: Complete “My Profile”

  • Login into your account
  • On the top left click “My Profile”
  • Enter your financial goal (below your badges)
  • Enter your values, click “SAVE”

Step Three: Complete Financial Education from 8 Pillars

This is the heart of the program. You will find you may be at different points along the Financial Greatness process and education. Below are helpful videos, modules, infographics and quizzes. 

  • From “Home” scroll to “Financial Education from 8 Pillars”
  • Click “Get Started”
  • Complete all 8 Pillars
  • Below each pillar include a key fact, point or idea

Save for Confidence - Pillar 1

  • Save for confidence into video
  • Establishing an emergency savings account module
  • How much is $1,000 really? Quiz
  • Balancing and prioritizing your values infographic

Organize and Automate - Pillar 2

  • Organize and automate into video
  • Putting in place a system for success module
  • Calculate your net worth activity
  • How does your spending stack up? Activity
  • What you may expect at each life stage infographic

Break Through Financial Barriers - Pillar 3

  • Break through financial barriers intro video
  • Reduce debt and building your credit score module
  • The adult report card: your credit score infographic
  • Visualizing the million dollar question infographic
  • The myths of credit quiz

Plan for ‘What if?’ - Pillar 4

  • Plan for “What if?” intro video
  • Being prepared – with insurance and estate planning module
  • Protecting your values infographic
  • Assessing your coverage needs quiz

Invest for Happiness - Pillar 5

  • Invest for happiness intro video
  • Planning for today, tomorrow and retirement module
  • Four steps to becoming a better investor infographic
  • The five mousetraps infographic
  • The ultimate investing checklist
  • Understanding your retirement costs activity

Make the Most of Homeownership - Pillar 6

  • Make the most of homeownership intro video
  • Making the right move for you module
  • Your guide to homeownership checklist
  • The 30% rule activity

Enhance Your Career - Pillar 7

  • Enhance your career intro video
  • Thinking like a business owner module
  • What makes a good leader? Infographic
  • Navigating the value creation matrix infographic

Give Back - Pillar 8

  • Give back intro video
  • Getting perspective by giving back module