Gender Studies

Gender Studies


The Minor in Gender Studies is multidisciplinary and as such enriches the traditional liberal arts curriculum by adding new perspectives on gender and how it has, and continues to, affect the lives and accomplishments of women and men.

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About the Program

The program will incorporate gender into other basic categories of analysis including the dynamics of social change, the creation and transmission of culture and the arts, the legacy and cultural construction of our physical and intellectual characteristics, and the origins and nature of current theories and social issues.

The Gender Studies minor encourages our students to connect information from a broad disciplinary background that provides them with the academic foundation necessary to understand and evaluate critical issues of gender facing contemporary society.

Life After Graduation

  • Pursue graduate-level studies in gender-related fields
  • Apply your knowledge of gender dynamics to the work place
  • Work for non-profit and government organizations that provide advocacy and support for gender-related issues
  • Gain insight into your own life and daily interactions
  • Bring a gender-related perspective to your major field of study

What I have personally liked about the minor here at Carroll is just the many different people that I have met and how I have come to really enjoy those random moments when you realize what you are hearing in a class such as the education of women and how controversial it was at one point is actually now a standard practice and how we can see it in our everyday lives. -Austin Lyle, class of 2011, History, Political Science and Gender Studies

Gender studies (courses) have made me more media-aware and media-savvy.  I feel like I understand social relationships better because of this minor.  It's also opened me up to an entire section of literature that I would never have thought to read before. -Nik Griffith, class of 2010, English and Gender Studies

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