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Catholic Studies


Catholic Studies examines the distinctive character of the Catholic intellectual tradition, and explores its implications for our present lives and our culture. By understanding how faith complements reason, Catholic Studies aims to develop the Catholic imagination of our students as a lens through which to see the world and prepare themselves for service to Church and world.

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About the Program

Simply stated, Catholic Studies examines the ongoing impact of the Incarnation in human history. That means Catholic Studies examines everything because the Incarnation of Jesus Christ impacts everything. Art, Literature, Music, Architecture, Biology, Health Care, Business, Friendship, Vocation, Worship… everything. 

Current cultural trends and events are examined alongside the Church’s teaching so students can make deeper connections between the classroom and life, culture and Catholicism, truth and charity, reason and faith, and more. You will learn from and walk in friendship with other students and professors who strive to follow Jesus Christ and live according to His grace and truth. 

The Catholic Studies program has helped me to enrich my understanding of my faith, and further appreciate the beauty that is to be found in the world around me by allowing me to see the love of God that holds the universe in existence.

Amy Tekverk Biochemistry & Catholic Studies, ‘24

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Paired with another major

We expect you to have another major. Catholic Studies elevates and transforms all other studies, giving you a truly expansive and integrated education. Any student from any discipline who wants to add Catholic studies as a major or a minor can do so. We will move mountains to make this possible. All you need to do is ask, and we’ll help you create a viable plan.

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Our Catholic Identity

Founded in 1909 by Bishop John Carroll, Carroll College is a Catholic, diocesan, liberal arts college in the ecumenical tradition of the Second Vatican Council. 

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