Technology & Spaces

The Corette Library and Simperman Learning Commons have several different types of spaces (classrooms, labs, and open spaces) and a range of technology that supports individual and group study, collaborative learning, and intellectual creativity and exploration.

See floor maps of the main (upper) floor and the lower level here.

Room Number Room Type Seats Technology
228 Computer Lab 24 10 desktop computers, 4 ceiling-mounted projectors & Whiteboard walls
229 Computer Lab 24 24 desktop computers, 4 ceiling-mounted projectors & Whiteboard walls
223 (Sandbox) Classroom or Meeting Room 20 5 ceiling-mounted projectors, Whiteboard walls, Moveable chairs and tables, 2 classroom computers & TV display with Zoom camera/mic combo
235 (Sage Room) Tiered Seating 48 Ceiling-mounted projector, DVD/Blu-ray player, 3 wall-mounted LCD screens & Whiteboard

Reserving Library Spaces

  • Faculty can place requests for library room reservations through the Booked app in Okta.
  • Students can contact the library staff at 406-447-4340 or to reserve rooms. Please note study rooms cannot be reserved. 
  • Classroom reservations for courses are made by Dayle Williams.
  • If you want to host an Event in the Library, please refer to our Events Policy and complete our application form.

Communication Center (Room 122)

The Communication Center offers a variety of services for Carroll students and faculty to help with public and multimedia presentations. We offer tutoring assistance for students who would like to improve their public speaking skills and reduce their anxiety in a public presentation setting. Students can also work with the Communication Center to record presentations for multimedia presentation assignments.

Make an appointment with the Communication Center Director or contact the Director of the Communication Center via email.

Computer Labs (Rooms 228 and 229)

We have two computer labs available for student use (except when classes are taking place in these rooms). Each room includes:

  • 10 to 24 desktop computers
  • Whiteboards
  • Projectors (4 in each room)

Lightboard and Greenscreen Room (Room 120)

The Lightboard and Green Screen Studio offers a professionally equipped creative space for the production and distribution of multimedia projects. This space can be reserved and utilized by faculty and students to create high-quality digital content, including:

  • Presentations
  • Video productions
  • Podcasts and voice-overs
  • Broadcasts and streaming
  • Music productions and recordings
  • Photography
  • Digital graphics

For help using this room, questions about the technology included, or to book access, contact Dan Case or Matt Larson.

Makerspace (Room 130)

The Makerspace functions as a space for Making and a study room. For Making, we have two 3D printers and Sphero robots. The whiteboard walls, 3 projectors, computer station, and tables can be used for Making or individual or group study.

To learn how to use the 3D printers or Sphero robots, contact Dan Case or Matt Larson.

Podcasting Studio

The Podcasting Studio offers a professionally equipped mobile space for the production and distribution of podcasts and audio recordings. This space can be reserved and utilized by faculty and students to create high-quality digital audio content. 

For help using this room, questions about the technology included, or to book access, contact Alan Hansen.

Sage Room (Room 235)

The Sage Room, with tiered seating, is ideal for lectures, presentations, or watching video. 

Sandbox (Room 233)

The Sandbox offers a modular space for collaboration and problem-solving. The 5 projectors, Zoom-ready TV monitor, four whiteboard walls, and moveable chairs and desks offer flexibility to suit your needs. 

Study Rooms

The library has a variety of study spaces available to students, staff, and faculty, including:

  • 10 individual study rooms (first floor and one on the second floor)
    • Rooms 115 and 116 have projectors
  • Group study space (first and second floors)
  • Quiet study spaces in the stacks (in the bookshelves on the first floor)


Computer Workstations

Desktop computers powered by Raspberry Pi are located on the main floor of the Library. Carroll College faculty, staff, and students can login with their Okta credentials, access their desktop and files, and print from these terminals.  

*Please note, computer terminals do not play sound without headphones. The headphone jack is located in the back of the computer. A USB port is also located here. 

Power Towers

Power Towers are located throughout the Library and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

*Please note that AC outlet towers need to be plugged in to use. The USB towers are charged overnight and do not need to be plugged into an AC outlet to use. 


Faculty, staff, and students can print, scan, and copy using the color and B&W printer/scanner/copier located on the main floor of the Library and Learning Commons outside computer lab 229. The printer is connected to your Okta account.  Further information about print services can be found here.


All Library classrooms and two study rooms (115 and 116) have projectors available for use. To use the projectors, download the free Epson iProjection app onto your computer.

Technology for Loan (Carroll faculty, staff and students only)

Users with an active Carroll ID may check out the following items from the front desk:

  • Android and iPhone device chargers 
  • Battery packs, which include an AC outlet and USB ports to charge various devices. 
  • USB DVD Players
  • Projectors, Microphones, Cameras, Drones, GoPro’s, and other speciality technology can also be checked out directly from Academic Technology for academic use. Please contact either Dan Case or Matt Larson. 

CCIT Help Desk located in St. Charles offers more technology for loan such as laptops and laptop chargers.