Student Undergraduate Research Festival

2021 Digital SURF Presentations

Welcome to the 2021 Digital Student Undergraduate Research Festival! There are a number of ways to access the 2021 presentations:

2021 is a Digital SURF

Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, we will be holding a Digital SURF event this year on Friday, April 23. Researchers who are willing to participate will be posting videos of their presentations on the Library's Institutional Repository. The presentations will be organized on one central page so that students and faculty can come and view the videos they're interested in.

SURF Keynote: Dr. Bridget Kevane

We kicked off our Digital SURF Event this year with a keynote address titled "The Cloister and the Trailer Park: How My Research Became Transformative" on the evening of Thursday, April 22, 2021, by Dr. Bridget Kevane, director of Liberal Studies at Montana State University.

Student Undergraduate Research Festival (SURF)

The Student Undergraduate Research Festival (SURF) is a celebration of the research done by Carroll College students. The event occurs every April, and everyone is invited to attend. SURF is seen as the highlight of the year for all of the students doing research, and it is a wonderful opportunity for other Carroll students, Carroll faculty and staff members, and community members to see the amazing work done by our students.

Our students are very excited to share their research during this time of student-driven, inquiry-oriented learning.

Questions? Dr. Ryan Hallows at

2020 SURF Archive

2020 SURF projects are now available for viewing! Visit the 2020 Digital Surf repository to see 2020 student research projects.