Moodle FAQs

What is Moodle?

Moodle is the campus Learning Management System (LMS) or digital classroom. Professors use Moodle to post assignments, host quizzes, deliver lessons, manage discussions, give feedback, and post grades. Unlike the registration system, the payment system, and the student information system, Moodle is focused only on teaching and learning.

Can professors see what students have done in Moodle?

Yes. Moodle has a very robust logging system that tracks every time a user visits a page or clicks a link. It records when files are uploaded, when quizzes are taken, when students log in, and even when students view an item. Because Carroll College administers the system, we have access to all of those records. Students should expect that professors can access records of everything they do in Moodle.

I can’t log in to Moodle. What do I do?

Moodle logins are managed by the OKTA system. Please contact the Carroll Help Desk for assistance with login problems.

I am registered for a class with the registrar but the course is not on my Moodle page. What should I do?

  1. Check the date. Moodle courses open one week before classes begin and close one week after final exams.

  2. Contact your professor. Some faculty do not use Moodle at all and hide their courses from students to prevent confusion. Any hidden courses will open at the end of the semester for the purpose of course evaluations.

  3. If necessary, your professor will contact Moodle administration to resolve the issue.

Can I have a Moodle page for my student club or organization?

Sure. Contact Rachel Martin @ 447-4426 to set one up for you.

Can I access my old Moodle course from a previous semester?

Yes, but that requires the consent of the professor. Carroll maintains copies of all past Moodle courses.

Who do I contact if I have trouble with Moodle?

  1. If the issue is in a particular course, contact your professor. Most questions about Moodle can be answered by the professor that designed the course you are using.

  2. If you are having general trouble with Moodle, contact Carroll’s Moodle administrator, Rachel Martin.

  3. If you have a complaint about the institution-wide use of Moodle you would like to make a complaint to an accrediting authority, please use the MUS Postsecondary Educational Insitution Complaint Process.