St. Charles Hall

St. Charles Hall

Charlies at a Glance: reasons to be excited

  • Mostly sophomores.

  • Lifelong friendships continue to be cultivated here.

  • Great Location--all of campus is built up around it.

  • Tallest building, and a space with absolutely spectacular views of Helena's surrounding mountains.

  • Over 100 years old!

  • Lots of activities and opportunities for study and socializing.

Charlies at a Glance: major features

  • Room sizes: singles, doubles, triples, and quads. 

    • (Quads are spacious enough to allow four people to live comfortably within them.)

    • (Quads offer a separate bathroom apart from the communal one available to everyone on the floor. This bathroom has a private toilet, sink, and shower.) 

  • All rooms stocked with bedframes, mattresses, closets, and desks.

  • Community bathrooms with plenty of showers and toilets on every floor. 

  • Community laundry rooms with washers and dryers. 

  • Community kitchen.

  • Peer Ministers (PMs) and Resident Assistants (RAs), who create a welcoming space and fun activities for everyone in the hall to enjoy. 

  • Huge lounge area including couches, chairs, booths, a mock fireplace, and a big-screen TV.

  • Designated classroom spaces throughout the building.

  • Connected to All Saints Chapel, the hub of Carroll's Catholic identity.

St. Charles Overview

Easily identified, the gothic building that is informally known as “Charlies” stands stalwart over the whole of campus and was the first structure built when Carroll College opened its doors in 1909. This turn of the century, four-story building was built with red porphyry stone with a red tile roof. In the early 1900's St. Charles was the dormitory, classrooms, dining hall, library, and faculty offices and residences.

Now St. Charles houses up to 230 students in the main and south wings. Both men and women will find opportunities to live in single, double, triple- or quad-occupancy rooms. Each room is slightly different, each having its own unique characteristics. Rooms vary in size and shape. Some are carpeted, some have the original wood flooring, and some are tiled.

St. Charles houses the President's Office and Marketing and Communications Department. The Honors Programs, classrooms and several academic programs also call Charlies home. "Old North", now houses the new All Saints Chapel, which opened in Fall 2017.

Oh, and Charlies offers some of the most breath-taking views on campus. 360 degrees of mountains.