Testing & Quarantine

A: Carroll will not have testing on campus this semester. However, there are various locations in Helena which provide COVID-19 testing. Please note that there may now be a cost associated with testing. Visit the COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Locations map on the Lewis & Clark Public Health COVID-19 Hub for locations.


We also encourage all students, faculty and staff take advantage of the offer provided by the federal government to have eight (8) free rapid antigen tests mailed to your home or school address to have on hand if needed at www.covidtests.gov.

A: We recommend that anyone who feels ill or tests positive for COVID-19, use the Quarantine and Isolation Calculator on the CDC website. This tool will provide guidance on how long it is recommended that individuals quarantine and isolate based on their individual circumstances. If the tool is being updated and/or unavailable, guidance can be found on the CDC’s “What to Do If You Are Sick” webpage.


Based on CDC guidance, Carroll will no longer track and monitor students who are either COVID positive or a close contact, yet we strongly encourage individuals to follow the guidance for quarantine and isolation provided by the CDC. We also recommend that any students who test positive and have symptoms reach out to their healthcare provider or the Wellness Center, if necessary.

In addition, beginning with the fall semester, Carroll will no longer provide alternative isolation housing for COVID-19 positive students.

If a student tests positive and lives on campus, we strongly encourage that the student limit their exposure to others by staying in their residence hall room for the recommended period of time (see the CDC calculator and guidance.). We recognize this presents a challenge with roommates so if a student has the ability to travel home or isolate off-campus, we recommend they do so.

Tips to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while you're isolating in the residence halls:

  • Wear a mask.
  • Limit face-to-face interactions.

  • Open windows for ventilation.

  • Wash your hands often.

  • Avoid common areas.

  • Have friends or roommates deliver your meals to you. 

If you live off campus, stay home and avoid others, and follow the CDC's recommended guidelines for isolation.

Students who are self-isolating should contact their faculty and/or coaches immediately to inform them of their situation.