Severson, Jamie

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Virtual Hours: 
M; 3-4 PM MST, T; 3-5PM MST, Th; 9-3 PM MST

Admission Counselor

  • SouthWestern Montana
  • Southern Idaho
  • Utah
  • Helena, Montana
  • U.S. Southwest

Territory: Southwest Montana, Southern Idaho, Utah, Helena, Montana, and Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas

Why I think you'll love Carroll College

Something that truly makes Carroll College a special place is the engaging and welcoming community. 

Before I chose a college, someone gave me a great piece of advice – choose a college that feels like home. With this piece of advice in mind, it took only one visit to Carroll College to make me feel welcomed into the community. The students and staff were excited to share their college experience with me and I felt like I was home. I was excited to take classes, eat in the cafeteria, join different clubs, and learn how to fly fish! 

When a community takes you in and makes you feel like you matter, it makes the college experience better. I loved discovering who I was at Carroll by trying different activities like swing dancing, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, musical theatre, and night skiing. I was able to partake in these activities alongside students who were also passionate about their studies and not afraid to get excited about academics.

The community at Carroll is special and I hope you get a chance to experience it. Come visit Carroll and see if the community makes you feel at home like it did for me!