Eisbach, Ty

Portrait of Ty Eisbach

Virtual Hours: 
T, Th; 2-4 PM PST

Senior Associate Director

  • Oregon and West Washington
  • Alaska

Territory: Oregon | Western Washington
Location: Northwest Regional Office - Portland, OR
Phone: Office - 503-281-3079; Cell - 503-730-5327

Why I think you'll love Carroll College

Being a small, private liberal arts college doesn’t make Carroll unique but we are distinguished in many ways. Carroll has been competitive nationally in a number of our academic majors most notably in biology where Carroll has ranked in the 95 percentile for the past nine years on the Educational Testing Service’s major field test in biology, a ranking that places our biology students in the top tier of over 13,000 college and university students nationwide. And Carroll’s overall pass rate on the Fundamentals of Engineering exam is 90%, compared to a national pass rate of about 75%.

I experienced this first hand as a student and continue to hear this amongst our students today. Helena, Montana also provides a beautiful backdrop in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, a capitol city with many cultural events, live music and outdoor activities to take part in which only adds to the Carroll experience.