Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program at Carroll College

The Program

The pre-vet program at Carroll College was created with compassion for animals and the people that care for them in mind. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about science and medicine, and open each day with a challenge, this program will be fulfilling for you.

Why Carroll

Carroll College has a strong reputation for preparing students for entry into graduate school and successful careers in veterinary medicine. For example, Graduates of our pre-vet school achieve are often accepted into some of the finest graduate programs in the region — and the country. Recent graduates from our pre-vet program are currently attending Veterinarian School at Colorado State University, Oregon State University, and Washington State University.

Your path to pre-vet school starts today.

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Courses and Student Learning Objectives

Courses, if you are getting your pre-vet major, include: biology, chemistry, genetics, calculus, physics, statistics, and the humanities. If you’re interested in the pre-vet program at Carroll College you can major in biology or chemistry, but it’s not required. If interested, some even minor in Anthrozoology.

The pre-vet program requires a core of science courses that are required for admission. Colleges with pre-vet programs will often have their own set of pre-admission courses but a general course of study at Carroll College looks like:

  • 2-semesters Intro Biology
  • 1-semester Biochemistry
  • 2-semesters Gen Chemistry
  • 1-semester Genetics
  • 2-semesters Org Chemistry
  • Calculus (pre-req for physics)
  • 1-semester Physics
  • 1-semester Statistics
  • English composition, communications, and other courses outside of the sciences
  • Additional Biology courses may be required or recommended

If you’re interested in learning more, check the individual veterinary school websites for specific information on admission requirements.

For a full list of required and recommended courses, visit our Academic Catalog.

Professional Educational Outcomes

The pre-vet program at Carroll College is set to produce students who have:

  • Exceptional problem-solving abilities fit to meet everyday challenges in veterinary medicine
  • Listening and analytical skills
  • Well-developed research tactics that work efficiently with faculty within your career path or when working independently
  • The resources to help you build a strong graduate school application

Program Highlights

Much of the work involved with being a pre-veterinary medicine major, lies at the intersection of animal and human health. Veterinarians play a crucial role in keeping cattle, poultry, and other food animals healthy and preventing contaminated food. The extensive medical training pre-vet majors receive oftentimes keeps them at the front lines for monitoring and treating disease outbreaks.

Our specialized faculty members work with you every step of the way as you earn your degree and potentially prepare you for a 4-year veterinary school.

Let’s get my future started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Being a veterinarian is one of the most popular and rewarding careers for those who love animals and working with the people who love them as well, as vets are also a crucial part of improving the welfare of communities. Veterinarians are often highly successful in their careers and love what they do. The most important part about becoming a veterinarian is knowing it’s something you’re passionate about.

    So many options are out there. Veterinarians work in a variety of environments, including wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, and private clinics. As you choose to specialize in a certain area after you graduate with a pre-vet major, there are many career opportunities for you:

    • Veterinarian
    • Zoologist
    • Animal Nutrition Specialist
    • Laboratory Animal Technician
    • Food Technologist
    When we award a financial aid package it is not just to get you here, it is a four-year commitment to see you graduate and succeed. Every year you will have the opportunity to meet with financial aid, renew your goals, explore opportunities for on-campus work, and make sure you are on track with any borrowing. Find out more.
    Students with different financial backgrounds choose to attend Carroll College every year. There are many ways to fund your college experience and invest in your education and future. Find out more
    We are happy to answer any questions you may have! Request information or call us at (406) 447-4384.

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