Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Pre-Veterinary Medicine at Carroll

Most students interested in the pre-veterinary program major in either biology or chemistry, but it’s not required. Many students also choose a minor in Anthrozoology. Courses for pre-veterinary medicine students include biology, chemistry, genetics, calculus, physics, statistics, and the humanities.

Students interested in veterinary medicine should take a core of science courses that are required for admission. Each Veterinary Medicine school will have its own set of pre-admission courses but a general course of study would include:

  • 2 semesters Intro Biology
  • 1 semester Biochemistry
  • 2 semesters Gen Chemistry
  • 1 semester Genetics
  • 2 semesters Org Chemistry
  • Calculus (pre-req for physics)
  • 1 semester Physics
  • 1 semester Statistics
  • English composition, communications and other courses outside
    of the sciences
  • Additional Biology courses may be required or recommended

Students should check individual websites for specific information on admission requirements.

Again, most Carroll students major in either biology or chemistry since the course requirements coincide with these majors; however, a science degree is not required. In fact, the applicant can be accepted before completion of an undergraduate degree, but students are advised to pursue a specific major.