Campus Ministry Retreat

Carroll College Campus Ministry offers many retreats for students to engage in their faith and actively live in relationship with God and community.  All retreats are open to students of any faith backgrounds.

Freshman Retreat

Early September – Students new to Carroll are given an opportunity to spend a weekend away from campus in the beautiful mountains of western Montana. This retreat gives students opportunities for meeting new friends and reflecting on how God and faith will be a part of their experience at Carroll. The cost is around $45 and well worth every cent. Register here

Sophomore Retreat

Early September – A retreat for sophomores and transfer students new to Carroll. This experience provides a weekend away from campus that focuses on faith, positive choices, relationships, and quiet reflection.  This retreat is a chance for sophomores to reconnect with one another after moving on from Guadalupe Hall and continuing on as a class community. Register here


November and March – Search is a Carroll tradition, sponsored by students for students. Search is a chance for students to reflect on their relationship with God, and to more deeply engage in the Carroll Community through meeting new people, sharing faith, and praying together. This retreat is open to students of all classes. The details of Search are rarely discussed, and that adds to the fun. Plain and simple, Search is something that Carroll students love. 

Men's Retreat and Women's Retreat

January - Separate retreats for women and men to get away from campus and share with one another on topics specific to growing in faith as women and men and discovering the gifts God has given to each one of us.

Pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome

May - Every couple of years, we take students to the heart of the Church to experience the spirituality of being on pilgrimage. This is a time to remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of daily life for two weeks and walk in the footsteps of the saints. It is on pilgrimage that we get to experience God's providence in an incredible way. It is on pilgrimage that we strip off the worldly excesses in order to single-mindedly pursue and to walk with the One who loves us. 

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