Julian Nolen, Ph.D.

Julian Nolen Portrait

Assistant Professor - Psycholo

Areas of Specialization: Clinical and Pediatric Psychology 
Departmental Roles: Internship Coordinator

Dr. Julian Nolen is an Assistant Professor at Carroll College and owner of Montana Counseling and Assessment. He holds two M.S. degrees as well as a Ph.D. completed in 2015 at Colorado State University. Dr. Nolen specializes in clinical work with children, adolescents, and families - as well as with the integration of evidence-based and experiential therapeutic interventions. He has spent much of the past 17 years working with at-risk youth, in settings ranging from maximum security correctional facilities to public high schools. Dr. Nolen's research interests primarily focus on the development and implementation of effective interventions for individuals, families, and communities exposed to severe trauma.

Courses Taught: 
Theory and Practice of Counseling; Experiential, Wilderness, and Adventure Therapy; Adolescent Psychology; Child Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Introduction to Psychology