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Campus Ministry Mission

Campus Ministry Mission
Campus Ministry Mission
Campus Ministry Mission

Campus Ministry at Carroll College

The mission of Campus Ministry at Carroll is as simple as it is powerful—to share the love of God with all people through worship, evangelization, and service. As part of our diocesan Catholic mission, we believe in conforming our lives to His liberating Truth. And we seek to be transformed through Him so we may joyfully serve the people to whom we are sent.

Through Campus Ministry, you’ll be able to do all of these things and more.

Search Signups

Search is a Carroll tradition taking place twice a year, and is a chance for students to reflect on how their relationship with God is a part of their lives and to more deeply engage in the Carroll Community through meeting new people, sharing faith and praying together.  This Fall Search takes place during the weekend of November 10th-12th and costs 40$. Register online

Sophomore Retreat Signups

Our Sophomore retreat is for sophomores and transfer students new to Carroll. This experience provides a weekend away from campus that focuses on faith, positive choices, relationships and quiet reflection.  This retreat is a chance for sophomores to reconnect with one another after moving on from Guadalupe Hall and continuing on as a class community. This retreat will be held on September 15th-17th at Legendary Lodge in North Western Montana. The cost is $45 and well worth the money. We look forward to seeing you soon. Signup HERE!

Freshman/Sophomore Retreat Volunteers

We would love to have volunteers to help work our upcoming Freshman and Sophomore retreats. Our Freshman retreat will take place September 8-10th, while our Sophomore retreat will be September 15-17th. The cost is $30/person and will take place up at Legendary Lodge. It is a great opportunity to give back to wonderful retreats that may have blessed you in the past. Signup HERE!

Faith in Action

Rooted in an ecumenical tradition, Carroll College has at its heart a combination of Catholic values and a strong belief in the value of other faith traditions. In this community, where all are welcomed and respected, spirituality is nurtured and the logical extension of that spirituality—compassion and generosity—highly encouraged. At Carroll, Catholic social teachings are put into action. The result: an engaged student body committed to helping others as they carve out their own futures.

Campus Ministry also serves as the college's connection to the Diocese of Helena and to the bishop of the Diocese of Helena. Each semester, Campus Ministry sponsors a question-and-answer session for Carroll students with Bishop George Leo Thomas at a local coffee shop.

We coordinate several retreats throughout the year as a way for you to engage more fully with your faith and share powerful moments with fellow students who represent a broad range of spiritual beliefs. Some of these include Freshman Retreat, Sophomore Retreat, and our popular Search Retreat.

Our Spring Headlights Immersion Trip happens every year and takes students to different parts of the country to help people dealing with economic, educational, and social disadvantages. Recent trips have taken Campus Ministry students to McAllen, Texas; Denver, Colorado; and Chicago, Illinois.

Worship here is a celebration of faith and in knowing we’re all part of something bigger than ourselves. We hold Mass several times per week, and we’ve renovated our chapel to accommodate larger numbers due to the hundreds of students—representing all faiths—who come together to celebrate Sunday Mass.

Men’s and women’s formation groups at Carroll provide settings in which each gender can explore questions and issues relevant to their mindset as they walk with Christ. Via is a women’s group that gathers to grow in faith and fellowship. Cor is a men’s group seeking real relationships that are rooted in Christ.

Peer Ministers
Peer Ministers are students who live in the residence halls and strive to build community and create a positive atmosphere for fellow students by encouraging them to embrace their relationship with God during their time at Carroll and beyond.

To learn more about Campus Ministry, contact our Campus Ministry staff.