We Did It - Thanks to You!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Thanks to all of you, Carroll Engineers Without Borders won the voting competition for the EWB $5,000 grant from the Penetron Corporation. The grant will be for CC-EWB’s domestic water system project at the Marian Home for the Elderly in Castries, St. Lucia.

Special thanks and congratulations go to Project Student Leaders, Chase Eaton and Ray Gomez, and their entire St. Lucia team for writing the grant proposal and for leading the "Get Out the Vote" campaign.

Penetron selected three EWB Chapters as finalists for the competition: Carroll College, Auburn University, and the Northwest Washington State Professional Chapter. The chapter receiving the most votes by midnight last Wednesday was awarded a $5,000 grant, the second most received $3,000, and the third most votes received $2,500. Carroll received the most votes by a large margin.

Be on the watch for the annual EWB-USA Carroll College Holiday Season Campaign that will begin shortly after Thanksgiving. In last year's campaign, Carroll EWB raised over $25,000. This goal was achieved in large part because of a $10,000 matching-challenge gift from Willis and Nancy Wetstein - thank you Willis and Nancy! CC-EWB hopes to surpass $25,000 in this year's campaign. Funds raised are used to support Carroll EWB projects at La Asuncion School in Guatemala, at the Holy Trinity School and Kawango Village in Uganda, and at the Marian Home in St. Lucia.

We thank all of you who voted for our project, and we thank all of you for supporting Carroll EWB.