Top Financial Aid Professional in Montana

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Jaime Borrego, Associate Director of Financial Aid, was honored with the Financial Aid Professional of the Year Award at the Montana Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (MASFAA) conference this past week.

Jaime has worked in financial aid at multiple schools in the west but has been a part of our Carroll College team now for almost five years. With varying demographics of multiple schools, he has been able to easily advise our students through many obstacles. He takes the time to really get to know our students and families – so much so that they will wait just to talk to him. 

He has just recently become involved in the region and the state, serving as Summer Institute, Entertainment Chair and currently serving as President of MASFAA. He attended the NASFAA Leadership Conference in February which will help him steer our association in the right direction this coming year. 

As if a full-time job and volunteering on our state and regional boards are not enough, he is also pursuing his Master’s degree in Family Financial Planning. To round out his experience, skills, compassion, and willingness to say “yes” when asked to volunteer, he if just a very nice man with an incredibly positive attitude and a great sense of humor. 

Jaime is the third Carroll College financial aid professional to receive this award. Director of Financial Aid Janet Riis was the very first recipient in 2006-07 and Leslie Olsen received it in 2013-14. It just goes to show what a talented team we have here at Carroll.

Congratulations Jaime on your well-deserved recognition!