Students present research at the Murdock College Undergraduate Research Conference

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

On November 4-5, 2016, Carroll College students from Chemistry, Biology, and Biochemistry-Molecular Biology presented their research at the Murdock College Undergraduate Research Conference in Spokane, WA. 

Students discuss research posters at the Undergraduate Research ConferenceThe opportunity to attend and present at the Murdock Conference was an enlightening experience. I had the opportunity not only to talk with others about my own research, but to experience the dedication of others looking to advance scientific knowledge.
Alex Kurtz (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology – class of 2017)

Alex Kurtz, Paige Plancich, and Natalie OberdingMurdock gave me an excellent opportunity to interact with other scientists in my field.  Their questions, criticisms, and suggestions were very helpful in developing my skills as a scientist, as well as providing direction for future studies. The opportunity to hear about the work of students at other institutions was also a very valuable experience.
Dan Lockman (Biology - class of 2017)

The undergraduate only conference is designed to highlight, support, and enhance the quality of research programs at private liberal arts colleges in the northwest.  All seven of the Carroll College students attending the conference presented their research during the conference wide poster session.  Additionally, Lauren Rhoda was invited to deliver a 20-minute oral presentation on her research, which she did in conjunction with Prof. Rowley over the summer, developing solar panels that will store solar energy in the form of a solar fuel.

Lauren Rhoda gave a 20 min oral presentation.The Murdock Research Conference gave me a wonderful opportunity to grow as a scientist. Presenting our research to others was intimidating at first, but it ultimately gave me great confidence in my ability to do real and relevant science, as well as my ability to communicate it effectively.
Lauren Rhoda (Chemistry – class of 2017)

The conference focuses on sharing and advancing new knowledge in the natural sciences created or discovered through collaborative faculty-student research.

Lauren Rhoda gave a 20 min oral presentation.Perhaps the most notable element of the Murdock Conference was the open collaboration and enthusiastic input that the various researchers and professors were willing to give. At the Conference, there was a definite feeling of team spirit that was truly inspiring and motivating. I left the Conference excited to get back in the lab at the next opportunity that I could get and put the useful advice that was so freely given by my peers to work.
Nate Burman (Chemistry - class of 2019)

The M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust is a generous supporter of science at northwest private college or university (including Carroll College) through its College Science Research Program. The theme for this year’s conference was "Celebrating 25 Years in Supporting Undergraduate Research." More information can be found at the Trust's website .