Chemistry Major or Minor

Chemistry at Carroll College

The Program

At Carroll College, We want our students to think like scientists. Our chemistry program teaches students to become independent and creative thinkers by solving problems, developing careful laboratory skills, critically evaluating data and communicating scientific data through written and oral presentations. Carroll chemistry majors have at their disposal a wide range of advanced scientific equipment, including a 400 MHz Bruker NMR. We have redesigned our curriculum to include a year-long senior level laboratory course, known as the Integrated Lab, that incorporates current scientific research and independent projects.

Why Chemistry at Carroll?

In chemistry courses at Carroll, students integrate an atomic/molecular view of matter with principles from math and physics to learn: the properties and structure of matter, how matter interacts with itself, and how it is transformed in chemical reactions. An emphasis on problem-solving and techniques is included at every course level; you can be assured that a chemistry degree from Carroll College represents a well-rounded and integrated educational experience. Students in the department also have ample opportunities to expand their knowledge through supervised independent undergraduate research at Carroll and in laboratories around the United States.

The Possibilities

A Carroll chemistry degree is designed to prepare you well for your next endeavor; it can take you almost anywhere. Many Carroll chemistry graduates have gone straight into medical school, Ph.D. programs, and pharmacy school, and others have found employment in research positions with the National Institutes of Health and Pacific Northwest National Laboratories.

The kinds of employment and graduate and professional school placement that other Carroll chemistry graduates have achieved are broad and significant!