ROTC Cadets and Cadre Earn the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge

Thursday, June 14, 2018

In late April, seven of Carroll College’s ROTC cadets and two cadre competed alongside 145 other ROTC cadets and Army Soldiers from the Northwest United States in the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge (GAFPB) in Bozeman. In the United States Military, the GAFPB is one of the few approved foreign awards, and it is one of the most sought after awards to achieve. In the physically and mentally challenging test, four Carroll cadets were awarded gold and two cadets and two cadre were awarded silver. 

The competition consisted of multiple events which included a pistol qualification, a 100 meter swim (in uniform), the German physical fitness test (shuttle sprint, flexed arm hang and a 1,000 meter sprint), the combat lifesaver test, a chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear test and finally a 5.6 or 7.5 mile ruck march with at least a 35 pound ruck sack carried on their backs.  The badge is awarded to individuals who complete all events on their first try and within the German Army's standard. 

The event is physically demanding and not all competitors receive a GAFPB.  Very few soldiers in the entire US Army have earned this award and the GAFPB is very sought after.  There are three categories of which the award is given, based upon overall results.  Gold, Silver and Bronze badges were awarded to competitors by German Army Sergeant Major Ronald Schill at the completion of the event.  Once an individual earns this foreign military award, they are authorized to wear it on their dress uniform as long as they are still serving in the military.  

Below are the cadets and cadre from Carroll who earned their German Armed Force Proficiency Badges.


Cadet Sawyer Linke

Cadet Parker Perry  (highest overall male score for all males who competed in the event)

Cadet Otis Smith

Cadet Zachary Brandt


Cadet Dominic Deane

Cadet Erin Reich

2LT Wyatt Smith

Captain Mark Thompson