Methane Monitoring for Centennial Park

Friday, October 9, 2020

On October 9, 2020, Carroll students and faculty were provided a walking presentation and tour about the methane monitoring system for Centennial Park, adjacent to the Carroll College campus. Jodi Bingham, PE, of Hydrometrics, Inc. of Helena gave the tour and presentation. Jodi is the project manager in charge of monitoring, maintenance, and reporting for the system, which is owned and operated by the City of Helena. While Centennial Park is a City-owned park popular with residents who like to walk, ride bikes, play soccer and softball, and walk their pets, few residents know that it sits on top of an old landfill. The decaying garbage produces a considerable amount of methane, which is being controlled and monitored by the City, with help from Hydrometrics. Several of the methane monitoring wells are located on the Carroll campus. It is by the efforts of the City and Hydrometrics that methane does not enter campus facilities, as well as the YMCA building located on the east side of the park. Jodi provided the group with technical information and insights into the challenge of keeping methane concentrations low and preventing infiltration into areas of human activities. Her 25 years’ experience on the project has given her unmatched knowledge about the project – knowledge that she imparted to the members of the tour. This was another example of engineering in action in and around the Carroll campus!