March 2023 Saints' Shoppe News

Monday, March 6, 2023

Happy March Saints!

Why is it that every March 17, everyone becomes Irish? Could it have something to do with the mythical Leprechaun? Contrary to popular lore, the Leprechaun is not a debauched drunkard. Rather they are more mischievous imps who love to play practical jokes on people. Yes they do enjoy their Irish spirits and tankards of thick brew, but they know how to compose themselves with charm and dignity. But don’t go looking for that pot of gold, the Leprechaun will never spill the beans.

Rather than blaming all the revelry of St Patrick’s Day on the poor miss understood Leprechaun, it was emigrants moving from Ireland to what would become the United States in 1737 who celebrated the first St Patrick’s Day Parade to remember their Irish roots and in that began America’s fascination with becoming Irish on March 17.

I personally love the lore passed on by my Irish grandfather who explained that the Leprechauns live in the wood and are lucky creatures to have around, but when they fall asleep bad luck is sure to follow. This is why we Irish tend to knock on wood for good luck, to keep those mischievous imps awake and the luck flowing.

First Friday

March First Friday will be March 3rd. This First Friday we will be featuring Carroll-themed water bottles and tumblers. We have a great selection of water bottles and tumblers in a variety of designs and styles to choose from including the new eco-friendly Vacuum cup double-walled 51-ounce bottle with built-in cup. All Carroll-themed water bottles and tumblers are on sale at 25% off.

Spring Cleaning ‘23 Sale

Just in time for spring break, the Saints’ Shoppe will be spring cleaning our selections of coats, jackets, jogger pants, and sweatshirts. Get yours before you head out for spring break and show your spirit wherever you go. All coats, jackets, sweatshirts and jogger pants will be on sale for 23% off the week of March 6 through 11.

Saints’ Shoppe Closed March 17 - 19

The Saints’ Shoppe will be closed March 17 – 19 for the end of spring break.

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Blessings to you all,
Sheri and Staff