COVID-19 Update: July 30, 2021

Friday, July 30, 2021

Faculty, Staff, and Students,

We are greatly looking forward to everyone’s return to campus this August. As we have done throughout the course of the pandemic, we will use this email account to keep you regularly informed of our plans and protocols as we navigate COVID-19.

Updates and additional information will continue to be posted to our Marching Forward website and any questions you may have can be directed to the account.

Recognizing that we are returning to campus from various locations across the country and with COVID variants on the rise, we are implementing several initiatives to give us the best opportunities available to return to a robust and healthy campus and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 at the outset of the semester.

  • Free on-campus vaccination clinics
  • COVID testing for all students
  • Masks required in the classroom for the first two weeks


While Carroll College is not mandating vaccines, in order to provide the best protection for yourself and the community, we strongly encourage that you consider getting vaccinated. We plan to have several free vaccination clinics on campus both at the start and during the semester.

However, in order to afford you the greatest chance of protection from the virus and prevalent variants by the time classes start this fall, please consider getting your vaccination now (it takes 2-6 weeks to reach full immunity based on the vaccine administered). If you are only able to get your first dose of the vaccine before leaving home, you will be able to obtain your second dose in Helena. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your healthcare provider.


We are asking all of our students, regardless of vaccination status, to get tested for COVID-19. Upon arrival, we will have testing available on campus and will share testing times and locations in subsequent communications as well as our procedures for isolation and quarantine should a test return with a positive result.


As we return from various locations and to add extra interim protections, we will be requiring that all students and faculty wear masks in the classrooms for the first two weeks of class (regardless of vaccination status). Masks will also be requested for all large indoor orientation events during the first two weeks of the semester.

These are our mitigation protocols as they stand today and are subject to change at any point. We will continue to monitor the situation as well as the recommendations of our local, state, and federal health professionals in determining our best courses of action in keeping our community safe, healthy, and open.

We are eager to return to the vibrant, close community Carroll is known for and we hope everyone will do their part to help ensure this happens. It’s what Saints do!

Thank you and we look forward to your return,

The Marching Forward Team