COVID-19 Update: April 16, 2021

Friday, April 16, 2021

Dear Students, 

Saints, we want to finish the semester strong. We know everyone is tired. We all want the pandemic to end. But we can only keep each other safe AND healthy if we all do our part to keep COVID-19 at bay on campus. Lewis and Clark County is still under a mask-mandate, and Carroll College through its Marching Forward policies is still under a mask-mandate.  We all need to continue to follow these policies, including the wearing of masks on campus.

I know everyone is becoming fatigued as a result of this pandemic, but keep in mind that Carroll is a part of the 27% of American colleges and universities that has not had to go remote for even a single day. That is because we have taken this pandemic seriously.

Many of your friends, professors, and other employees you interact with are sad and discouraged seeing how mask compliance has fallen. Let’s change that today!

We have 4 weeks left in the semester, so I am asking for your help to finish strong so that everyone can have a chance to enjoy the rest of the semester and be able to attend their graduation ceremony.

Stand strong as Saints to ensure we will finish this semester strong, including our planned outdoor commencement, Midnight Breakfast, Softball Weekend, and other planned events.

My sincere thanks to all of you who have taken steps to become vaccinated. I firmly believe vaccination is key for this campus to return to normal this fall. If you have not yet received the vaccine, we are strongly encouraging you to do so before returning to campus in August. I want to see Carroll return to normal as much as you do this coming Fall. Please help us accomplish this goal!

Although some of us are vaccinated or partially vaccinated, we still need to do our part to keep each other safe. I am happy to report that I have completed my second vaccine (Moderna) and am now fully vaccinated.  I invite each of you to join me in becoming fully vaccinated. It not only protects each of us but also those among us who may be immunocompromised.

Also, we are continuing to offer asymptomatic testing for COVID at the Health Center each week.  To help ensure you are not asymptomatic carriers of the virus, please consider receiving a test, especially if you have not been vaccinated and have not had a positive COVID test within the last 90 days,

Please continue to comply with our protocols so that we can all end the year with the activities so many of us are looking forward to. Do it for each other, our seniors, our families, and our community. It is what Saints Do!

Mask Up and Go Saints!

John E. Cech, Ph.D.