Carroll to offer three new online courses for Spring 2017 semester

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Carroll College is offering three new online humanities courses for the Spring 2017 semester. Carroll is one of 30 colleges invited to join the CIC Consortium dedicated to providing humanities courses online.

See the course descriptions below:

PHIL 389: Modern Philosophy: Reason, Freedom, and Tolerance

Debates about tolerance and religious liberty are prevalent in our society, shaping our discussions of everything from bathrooms to health care, from terrorism to a certain huuuuge presidential candidate. 

Join Dr. Ed Glowienka in examining the roots of our conceptions of political freedom and religious toleration in the Enlightenment era.  Specifically, we will look at how different understandings of toleration arose out of competing views regarding the limits and functions of human reason. Students taking the course will learn the philosophical underpinnings of the idea of toleration and will explore which arguments continue to shape today’s debates.

Mostly asynchronous online course, with 4-5 synchronous meetings throughout the semester.

Prerequisite: Previous philosophy course or consent of instructor.

ENLT 215B: Walt Whitman, Woody Guthrie, Bruce Springsteen and the Chronicling of the American Dream

"I've spent most of my creative life measuring the distance between that American promise and American reality," Bruce Springsteen said at a political rally in 2008.  Springsteen can be grouped with a long line of American troubadour poets, one that begins with Whitman and includes, among others, Guthrie, John Steinbeck, John Ford, Arthur Miller, Toni Morrison, David Mamet, and Bob Dylan.  Students in ENLT-215 will delineate associations of influence among the works of prominent American writers, musicians, and directors.  This writing-based course offered by Kevin Stewart emphasizes analysis and synthesis and seeks to examine how the American “promise” and the American “reality” are represented through high and low art.

This course will combine asynchronous content delivery with a synchronous class discussion. The content delivered asynchronously via Moodle (readings, films, videos, peer work, and chats), in concert with the synchronous interactions, will allow for group-oriented and dynamic activities.

ART 121: Art History: 14th Century through Contemporary

The study of art history is a vivid journey through time and place inviting students to discover the diversity in and connections among global forms of artistic expression from history . In addition to expressing personal perspectives and cultural values, artists of every era have illuminated universal challenges and highlights of human experience.  This online course taught by Professor Ralph Esposito focuses on global art beginning with the Fourteenth-Century and the Early Renaissance in Europe, and extending up to the present day. Students will explore form, content, and styles of art, artists, art making processes, and responses to and interpretations of art and gain deeper understanding of the universal human quest for meaning as expressed in art through the ages.

Online only. No prerequisites.