Tony Rosales

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Tony Rosales
  • Chemistry

Class of: 2014

After my first year at Carroll, I was asked to be a lab aide and this continued through my senior year. It was through this experience that I became a part of a small but supportive community that so happened to be the Chemistry Department. The accessibility of the chemistry faculty resulted in several of them providing mentorship in many aspects of my life. The heart-to-heart conversations I had with these mentors prompted me to consider, and eventually decide, to attend graduate school in chemistry. Although the faculty look much younger than when I was admitted, it is clear that the dedication to teaching and advising students--not for school but for life--remains at the core of the department and college. As I approach the end of my PhD at the University of Notre Dame , I intend to find my way into a faculty position at an institution that demonstrates the same community and dedication to mentoring as Carroll.