Ted Olenick

Portrait of Ted Olenick

Ted  Olenick
  • Biology

Class of: 2016

"My name is Ted Olenick and I am currently in medical school at ICOM in Boise, ID. I grew up in Pocatello, ID, before ultimately deciding to make the move up to Montana to attend Carroll. The decision to choose Carroll was by no means an easy one, but turned out to be an excellent one. There are many options for schools that will provide a fine education for continuing onto medical school, but seldom will you find schools that prepare you academically, spiritually, and professionally to face many of the challenges you will face.

Besides receiving a top education from some of the top professors and advisors in the West, I feel far more prepared than many of my fellow medical school classmates in dealing with ethical situations and issues that science cannot answer. In addition to these skills developed at Carroll, I find that I am constantly prepared academically compared to many of my classmates from all over the country. In fact, out of the 160 students in my class, I am currently near the top in all our test scores and academic metrics. I don’t say this to brag, as I have in no way succeeded on completely my own merits, but I truly believe that Carroll has formed my study habits and has challenged me to think of things clinically and broadly which translates extremely well to learning medicine. I was recently honored by our class by being voted as our Class President, a position that requires intimate knowledge in setting up events and volunteering opportunities, and the ability to communicate well with deans, community doctors, and other important community members. Once again, the liberal arts academics I received has prepared me well to communicate intelligently and tactfully about issues concerning students and doctors today, as well being a strong and decisive leader.

My last point is to provide a piece of advice that I learned from Carroll’s Father Marc Lenneman. It revolves around the idea that we can never be afraid to commit wholeheartedly to our passions. Whether you are looking to enter the medical field or not, you will undoubtedly face many failures and struggles both in school and after. There will be nights when you feel like there is nothing left to give. In all these times, remember the Lord is never outdone in generosity and will always reward those that don’t shy away from him. In the end, I am so happy with the route I have taken to become a doctor. In all my failures and successes, Carroll truly formed me into the man I am today spiritually, academically, and professionally."

Q: What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

A: "My favorite aspect of Carroll College is the incredible variety of activities! In my time here I have been fortunate enough to be a part of several organizations and clubs at Carroll and in Helena such as Student Government, Gold Team, The Carroll College Society of Medicine and Dentistry, and the local Young Life group. On top of that, there are retreats, Men’s and Women’s faith groups, and service opportunities all around the community. I remember going on Freshman Retreat and only knowing my roommate. By the end of the retreat, I had gotten to know most everyone on my floor and I’m still good friends with most of them to this day. Getting involved around campus and the community is the best way to make the most out of your college experience!"

Hometown: Pocatello, ID