Taylor Stewart

Portrait of Taylor Stewart

Taylor Stewart
  • Theology

Class of: 2015

B.S. Biology/B.A. Theology

I chose Theology as a major because I was interested in the development of ethical systems, including those rooted in scripture, historical social teaching, and developed from moral theology.

Theology has enriched my experience at Carroll by providing the total Liberal Arts experience; by majoring in a humanities discipline in addition to a science discipline, I have a more complete undergraduate educational experience. My studies in theology have complemented and added to what I have learned in biology and chemistry, and my studies in biology and chemistry have helped me develop a more complete understanding of theology.

I have had many humorous experiences in theology, most of which have involved metaphors trying to explain an abstract concept. Within that, my favorite is Dr. Brian Matz comparing his hatred of potatoes to a predisposition away from sin as a way of explaining different viewpoints on predestination.