Shelby Goodrich

Portrait of Shelby Goodrich, Carroll College Alumni

Shelby Goodrich
  • Health Sciences
  • Public Health

Class of: 2013

During her four years at Carroll, Shelby worked hard to learn the concepts needed to improve the lives of others. Along with taking an active part in the classroom, Shelby was very involved in Campus Ministry, Freshman Orientation, and assisting with the freshman retreat during her Junior and Senior Years.

Each semester Shelby volunteered at different non-profit organizations around Helena enhancing her knowledge of concepts learned in the class. Applying course content to hands-on experiences prepared Shelby for an internship with Providence Health Plans (PHP)  in Portland, OR. While Shelby was at PHP, she developed a complete hydration campaign which was published in July 2012.

In September 2013 Shelby started at her new position with Cover Oregon in Durham, OR. Cover Oregon is an online market place where Individuals and small group employers (50 people or less) can compare insurance providers across Oregon and decide what will work best for them.

The knowledge that I gained in classes at Carroll and during my internship prepared me for my new job. Without Carroll’s Course work, I would not have been offered such an amazing opportunity.