Romi Damaso

Snapshot of Romi Damaso

Romi Damaso
  • Computer Science
  • Fine Arts

Class of: 1998

Via Disneyland

Brief description of responsibilities:

  • Maintaining the LBCC Scholarship, Outreach, and Alumni websites
  • Awarding scholarships; verifying student meets donor's criteria
  • Created and maintain databases for scholarship recipients, donors, and alumni
  • Coordinating the annual Scholarship and Outstanding Student Receptions
  • Designing various program booklets for the receptions
  • Verifying Long Beach College Promise data is loaded and posted correctly for LBCC
  • Managing the 3rd party scholarship database

Briefly describe one of your more interesting projects or assignments to date:
While working at Disneyland, I created and maintained the Cast Member (CM) Safety Issue Call Log database. I was able to create a database to log in calls from the CMs and assign them to a specific Safety Manager. I split the database (user and backend) so the Safety Managers could track their assigned tasks with notes and close them when they were completed. It was a temporary system for the Safety Department until the Company went to a globalized system for all parks a few years later. Along with that CM Safety Issue Call Log, I helped code, categorize, design and bind the manual along with creating the accompanying posters/handouts for B.A.S.I.L. (Bringing Accident Solutions Into Light) which was used in conjunction with the call log. B.A.S.I.L. is a safety pin-pointing program used to help identify the faults and hazards of a work environment and to provide a solution for a safe work environment while maximizing work efficiency. B.A.S.I.L. is still used as the safety pin-pointing method.

Briefly describe a notable memory from your days at Carroll:
In the classroom, my most notable memory at Carroll is learning how to play Set and then programming the game in Quick C (group project). I found out the following year C allowed the programmer to use resources within Windows. At first, I thought it was cheating (and I say that with a smile because if you have the resources, might as well use them). But, I found it challenging to design the Set deck from scratch and determining how we would design each attribute along with developing the algorithm. When we got the program up and running, it was the most amazing feeling. Well, getting programs to run correctly was one thing but incorporating graphics was a highlight.

Outside the classroom, I remember my roommate and friends trying to prepare me for the Montana winters. I'm thankful the housing folks gave me a Montana native for a roommate.

A piece of advice for prospective Carroll Computer Science students:
My advice to prospective Comp Sci students is to not be afraid to explore something out in left field; you may find that you've always been there but haven't realized it yet. Looking at my major and minor at the time I graduated seemed like an odd pairing but it helped others see that I was able to balance productivity and creativity. Having a background with Computer Sci and Visual Arts helped me in many aspects not just in the workplace but also when it comes to volunteer or personal work.