Nathan Pawelek

Snapshot of Nathan Pawelek on Graduation Day

Nathan Pawelek
  • Classical Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Theology

Class of: 2013

B.A. Philosophy and Theology with a minor in Classical Studies 2013

I graduated from Carroll in 2013, majoring in Philosophy and Theology with a minor in Classical Studies.

Right after graduation I took a high school teaching position at St. Andrew School in Helena. For two years I taught high school theology courses including Catholicism, Scriptures, Catholic Social Doctrine and Moral Theology. I also taught American Literature and Classical Literature, Latin, Algebra and Speech. Subsequently, I made a bit of a career change and I’m currently the Human Resources Manager for a company in Helena called Pioneer Aerostructures. One day I hope to continue my education and eventually get a Ph.D., however, right now I’m enjoying Montana and my career in HR.

While at Carroll I had the opportunity to study abroad in Siena, Italy. This was one of the greatest experiences I had during my time in college and I would tell every student at Carroll, no matter what their major is, to study abroad. Even though I now call Helena my home, I love traveling and can’t wait to make it back to Europe.

I would tell students in philosophy to be open minded in their studies, firm in their beliefs, and to always seek understanding in truth. Philosophy is just what it means – it’s to love wisdom, seek truth, and crave learning. It’s more than just a major in college, it’s a way of life.

There is much value in a degree in philosophy. Philosophy has allowed me to be more open minded when approaching other world views and cultures. It has allowed me to think logically and critically through the challenges that life presents. Most of all it has allowed me to strengthen my beliefs as I seek to better understand the world around me.