Meghan Benda

Portrait of Meghan Benda

Meghan Benda
B.A. Chemistry
  • Chemistry
After Carroll
Georgia Tech Grad School for Organic Chemistry
Analytical Chemist
Energy Laboratories
Helena, MT

Class of: 2015

Since graduation, I've been pretty busy. I took a year away from academics and worked at Energy Laboratories in Helena as an analytical chemist. During that time, I applied to and was accepted into a variety of Chemistry Ph.D programs. I ultimately decided to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology to pursue a Ph.D in organic chemistry.

I am incredibly grateful for my time at Carroll College and know that without the support I received from the chemistry department I would not be the chemist I am today. I was given ample opportunities to grow as an independent scientist both working in Dr. Pharr's research lab and also working in Integrated Lab. I received a top-tier education at Carroll and to this day feel incredibly supported by the entire chemistry faculty, but what has aided my success the most is that I was given the chance to be a chemist without someone holding my hand the entire time. This made both my successes and failures largely my own which taught me just as much about the scientific process as any formal lecture could. So that's what I would say if someone asked what was most valuable about my time at Carroll. I may not know everything there is to know about chemistry, but I have all the tools I need to learn.

Hometown: Lake Stevens, WA