Matthew Rosman

Matthew Rosman wearing a lab coat and safety goggles

Matthew Rosman
B.A. Chemistry
  • Chemistry
After Carroll
Jubilant Hollister-Stier
Spokane, WA

Class of: 2015

After graduation, I worked at as a medical scribe at St. Peter’s Hospital. The integrated lab offered by Carroll gave me experience in separating subjective and objective information. This was especially useful when documenting information about a patient’s current illness. 

Recently, I switched jobs and started working for a pharmaceutical manufacturing company called Jubilant Hollister-Stier in Spokane, Washington.  My job at Jubilant requires me to read and implement complicated pharmaceutical manufacturing procedures. I found these procedures much easier to understand thanks to having read numerous scientific articles and performed advanced chemical techniques in each of my Chemistry courses at Carroll College.

Hometown: Davenport, WA